How to recycle colanders into a bright bath toy storage

Tips from Sarah Moore's book and charity shop finds help me make a storage unit for my son's bathtime toys

A while ago now one of my lovely readers suggested I watched Money for Nothing.  I'm not sure how I'd never caught the program before but I soon had this on my planner and watch it whenever I had a spare hour or when I was crafting.

When I saw that Sarah Moore, who is the presenter and skilled crafter of the program, had a book out I thought I'd purchase it for inspiration and helpful tips.  Like lots of my books, I've earmarked several pieces that I want to try, the first being a veggie rack made from colanders.

Marking up all my craft projects to try

Colanders were added to my charity shop/car boot wish list until I found and bought 3 of them. 

In total I spent £3 and with some string, I made my veggie rack.

It sat in the kitchen waiting to be hung up for 3 weeks, in truth I didn't really have anywhere sufficient in the kitchen to hang it.  Then, I sorted out my son's bathroom toys and realised I had the perfect storage unit for them.... waiting to be hung up in the kitchen!

As I was no longer going to use my colanders as a veggie rack I painted them.

Transforming colandars into a storage unit for kids toys in the bathroom

I have to admit I do love them painted blue!

I added a hook in the bathroom and now my veggie rack hangs in the bathroom filled with toys and sponges - great space saver.

Painting colanders and hanging them together makes for perfect bathtime toy storage

That top colander is too high for my son and hence the storage of my sponges, some things I just don't want to share... with the boys!


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