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I do love a canvas print!  We have several around the house, but they are all a few years old now, so when asked me if I'd like to review their service on a personalised canvas print, I knew straight away which print would be perfect on a canvas.

The website is very straightforward to follow.  Once you know what you want, and by that I mean a canvas, cushion, blankets etc you click on the very big purple upload photo button!

You should know which photo to upload at this point, as the minute you press that button it will lead you straight to your photo gallery.  Fortunately for me, I knew straight away which picture I wanted to upload, in the past, it has been known that I've spent a few hours trying to decide!

Once you pick your photo, size, and crop where necessary the print is ready to be delivered.  It is that straightforward and for me, the canvas took 2 days to be delivered. 

Once my parcel arrived, it appeared to have minimal packaging but had travelled well.  No bubble wrap or solid cardboard, but the packaging worked for the canvas.

I'm really pleased with the quality of the print.  It is sharp but appears pixelated, but I believe this is because I'm looking at it from a foot away.  Canvas prints are not designed to be viewed that close up, so once I moved back, the clear quality of the print became apparent.

This has been a very pain-free experience and the end product was as wonderful as I had hoped.  My only dislike is the canvas doesn't come with hanging accessories.

My print was 60cm x 40cm and is on special offer at £25.00 at present, which I think is a reasonable price for this size print.

Personalised prints are a great gift idea too, especially with the volume of photos we see on our Facebook pages, a lovely canvas, mug or even photo cushion for a loved one will make a lovely and surprising gift.  Especially for me, as I for one don't print enough photos off.

Turning my halloween photo into a canvas print

For those who haven't viewed the video, I picked my favourite Halloween picture.  This was us, 2016 ready to go trick or treating with the wonderful Jo from Tiny Sponges.


  1. I've never bought a canvas. It looks good and love the theme. Are you going to top those outfits tonight?

    1. As they all still fitted, we wore the same ones :D


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