How to get children to create lovely Christmas baubles

For the last couple of years, my son has had a Lego advent calendar.  It's been great building up the Christmas scene but once the holidays are over the Lego gets put away in the general Lego box.

What I thought I'd do with the Lego was place them in their own little baubles so they can go on the Christmas tree and be on display like this year's Lego advent.

Make use of Christmas Lego by placing them in their own Baubles

The first task was to rummage around and find pieces to go inside the baubles - this alone was an afternoon task!  We have great fun finding all the prior year pieces, deciding on who/what else can go in the baubles and......... well it's Lego so we were building too.

All the materials we needed to make our own Christmas Baubles

Materials used to make Christmas Baubles

Bostik Foam Pads
White & Blue mini pompoms
Lego Minifigures

We started with our mini-figures.  So they didn't move around in the bauble I placed some Bostik foam pads on their feet and placed them on the edge of the ball.

Adding a little foam pad to the Lego Minifigures to ensure they don't fall over in the new Christmas Baubles

You can just leave them like this and close the baubles up, but half the fun my son had was choosing which 'snow' to add.  Some were surrounded by wadding, others had pompoms and the baby polar bear got clear and blue gems!

If you have no Christmas themed toys - just add a hat or not.  Wonder woman doesn't seem to like hers!

The baubles don't need to be Christmas themed, and let's face it when it comes to children's crafts... anything goes!  So we also had an AT-AT and a dinosaur to hang on the tree.

Anything goes when it comes to creating Christmas Baubles with kids

Nothing says Christmas decorations like an AT-AT in a bauble

Once the snow was added the baubles were shaken around so it covered the bottom and hid the foam pads and then the ribbon was finally placed through the top and the Christmas baubles are now ready to be hung on the tree.
Quick and easy Christmas tree decorations to make with the kids

Anything goes when making Christmas Baubles with the children

We made a Christmas hat for wonder woman from dry clay purchased from Hobbycraft and white Blutack.  I think it's great - but the look on her face suggests she's not a fan!

 Merry Christmas all, have fun creating with your children and making memories.

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  1. It looks super cute! Nice idea! Already excited about Christmas too!

  2. These look great. Just looked at the bauble link. They should sell them in 24's rather than 20. Then you could have advent on the tree

  3. AnonymousMay 13, 2018

    Keep on writing, great job!


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