How to create Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Decorations for Christmas

How better to end the year than with creating TMNT Christmas Decorations?

How I added TMNT Christmas decorations to our home

The year TMNTs were my son's favourite characters, I made various craft projects with Mikey, Raph, Donnie and Leo  but my son is starting to favour paw patrol so I'm sad in thinking that these turtles may be getting a back seat now so this may be the last of the posts on how I used the TMNTs in craft projects.

The TMNT Christmas baubles have been doing the rounds on my Facebook feed for a while now, and I was more than pleased to see that B&Q were selling green baubles.  I had crepe paper left over from my party project, but I also bought satin ribbon - which is actually harder to glue on baubles than crepe paper but it does look nicer.  Finally, The Works sell packs of wiggly eyes for £1 that come in 3 sizes; put all these pieces together and you have yourself TMNTs hanging from the tree.

What you will need:
* Glue Gun / Glue
* Green Baubles
* Crepe Paper / Ribbon / Felt
* Wiggly Eyes

You only need 4 items to create TMNT Christmas baubles

How we created TMNT baubles with ribbon and crepe paper

We also had some green ping pong balls which I bought (again) for the party back in October but never used them, and after making the Halloween Ghosts - I thought the TMNT LED lights would make a fabulous addition to our Christmas theme this year.... and I love these!

The process is the same as the baubles with a few additions, firstly, the ribbon works much better than the crepe paper; when the lights are on you can't really see the colours of the masks with the crepe paper.  A sharp knife cutter is needed to pierce a hole in the balls and a sharpie for giving the turtles a cheeky grin!

What you will need
* LED fairy lights (I had a packet of 20)
* Ribbon
* Green ping pong balls
* Wiggly eyes
* Sharpie

So what do you think?  I do love these, and may leave them up all year round... or until Chase finally becomes the favourite over Leo.


  1. These are great. Son2 made an Angry Bird bauble but that was from a kit


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