8 Halloween Crafts to Make with your family

One of my favourite parts about Halloween is making new decorations.  Each year our decoration box gets a little fuller and we are currently on two boxes that come down from the loft!

I thought I'd share with you my favourite handmade items which now live in that box until October:

Pumpkin Cushions

These spooky scatter cushions work perfectly with the ambience, especially as they glow in the dark.

Halloween Baubles

Fast becoming a favourite of mine.  I'm thinking of bringing in a dead branch to hang these off.  A new style of Halloween Tree if you will.

Floating Candles

Inspired by Harry Potter these candles are put up in the hallway for the trick or treaters to marvel at.

Halloween Tins

I may use one of these to hold the Dead Tree in.  This is a great craft to get the children involved in too.

Making Wands

We leave this out on the doorstep hanging up.  Do you have a no phones at the table rule?  We have no wands indoors rule.

Halloween Wreaths

My black and orange Wreath.  A cross between Tim Burton and Freddie Kruger I think.  Don't you?

Witches Legs

This is possibly my favourite creation and one that gets the most comments from the parents of the children.

We do spooky, not scary in our house.  My son is only seven, so I don't want to attract the older kids to the house.  As he gets older we will change up the decor as the evening progresses, but I still don't want to scare the young trick or treaters.  They are soo cute, I'd hate to miss them.

Recycle Glass Jars to make Lanterns

Why not make some pretty upcycled glowing lanterns with the children.

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