Things You Didn't Know You Could Customise


In a culture full of changing trends and conflicting fashion advice, standing out from the crowd is no bad thing. Having a unique style gets you noticed; it helps you form an identity and celebrate who you are, no matter who’s judging.

Customising your clothes and interiors means you can be truly yourself without having to change your style when trends go out of fashion. So, if you’ve got the craft bug and you want to put your stamp on your treasured possessions, check out these five things you didn’t know you could customise and unleash your inner artist.

Sports Equipment

Customising your sports equipment is the best way to make it personal to you. You probably already know that you can get custom printed sportswear, engraved hockey sticks, and personalised trailers, but what about customisation that actually improves your sporting performance? An example of this would be adding new fixtures to your bike or scooter or changing some of the parts for a smoother ride and more impressive tricks.

Your Scooter

If you own a scooter (or someone in your family does) and you’re interested in customising it, check out the brand Tilt for high-quality parts that stand out from the crowd. Tilt is one of the biggest scooter brands in the world right now, and they’re well known among professionals for their quality of design, build and finish. Click here for more information on Tilt scooters, forks and clamps to customise your ride.

Baking Essentials

You can create your whole family in cookie form with personalised cookie cutters from Etsy. The cookie cutters are made to order, and they can be modelled on anyone you want – a celebrity, your pet, your spouse. You could bake a batch and give your family a laugh next time you have the in-laws over. Other companies like Firebox give you the option of having your loved ones' faces printed on pillows, tea towels, and even underpants – though some might say that’s customisation gone too far!

Your Family

In print format, of course. There is a sea of talented artists and illustrators on Instagram and other social media sites offering this service. The result is a charming framed photo of you and your loved ones, hand-drawn by a professional. If you’re good at drawing, you could even create a print of your own, or learn some basic graphic design skills using Photoshop.


There are tons of options for customising your clothes, especially if you’re good at sewing. If you don’t have a sewing machine, however, or you need a little more practice before you start refashioning your wardrobe, you can opt for easier crafts like glue-gunning sequins, beads and fabric swatches on to your outfits. If you’re too afraid to experiment with your own clothes, you could always buy second-hand garments to practice on. No matter how much experience you have, there are lots of inspirational projects on Pinterest that are sure to spark your interest.

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