How I made quick and easy Harry Potter inspired winged keys

How I made winged keys inspired by Harry Potter
Whilst on my travels over on Pinterest, I stumbled across a rather beautifully made winged key, which was being sold on Etsy.  It's truly beautiful.

I love the detail of the key and can see why it's on Etsy.  Unfortunately, for the number of keys I wanted for my tree, I couldn't justify buying a bulk batch from Etsy. so I made my own.  

A far lesser version but still a good enough substitution in my opinion.

Materials I used for my HP inspired winged keys

* Keys (I purchased mine from eBay)
* Strong glue
* Butterfly stickers/tree decorations
* Craft knife

Butterfly stickers make great wings for Harry Potter winged keys

Butterfly tree decorations make great wings for HP inspired winged keys

My first set of keys with wings I'm not much a fan of, but it's trial and error with crafting sometimes.

The first set of wings I found were too small and while bronze is the colour for Harry Potter, I wasn't really feeling it for my tree.

All I needed to do was to peel the wings off the cardboard the wings came on and glue them to the back of the key.  This is a bit of a fiddle and needs a steady hand, so that was a nice challenge for me!

Even though these are only stickers, I still got a little pang of guilt as I plucked the wings off butterflies!!

Basic idea for creating winged keys for Harry Potter inspired Christmas Tree

My second set of keys I purchased were silver and I found some fabulous glitter butterfly tree decorations in TKMaxx and just knew that these butterflies were meant for my tree.

I do think the silver keys look far better on my tree than the bronze, but it's all about personal choice.

This was a great quick and easy craft to make, not a patch on my Etsy find but a great decoration for my tree all the same.

My Harry Potter inspired flying keys

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