How to recycle old clothes into cushions

Some of my son's clothes are just too precious to donate as he outgrows them.  I decided to turn them into cushions so he gets a second chance to love them all over again.

He is growing faster than a weed so it was no surprise to me that his beautiful Sulley onesie just about lasted one season.  When the legs were halfway up his calves and riding up his bum, it was time to put Sulley back in the cupboard.

It was such a lovely onesie, I just couldn't donate it, I cut it up instead!

I am fortunate enough to own an overlocker, something I thought I would never say when I was learning to make my dress!

I got my overlocker for Mother's Day a couple of years ago.  These appear on sale at a good price at Lidl every now and then.  They fly out the door so if you catch wind of one coming soon to Lidl, I highly recommend the wait in line for the shop to open.

For my cushion, I cut the legs and arms off and used the overlocker to sew them up.  I wasn't confident enough to use the overlock to cut and sew, this is actually a lie!  The fabric ate the needle, it snapped and I spent half an hour sweating over how to change it...

I cut the hood off the onesie and closed the top, again using the overlocker.  I then used my sewing machine to attach the hood halfway down the back of the pillow so it sat nice.

The beauty of the onesie is there was no need to add a zip!  I just filled it with a £2 cushion from the Range, and one complete Sulley pillow was made.

I also made one from a hoodie.  With this one, as it didn't have a zip I left the top open for the cushion to go inside, same effect and no need to sew in a zip.

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  1. These are great. What a brilliant upcycling idea


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