Styling a Kids Bedroom that Will Last

Kids taste changes all of the time. As babies, you probably want to stick to bright colours and simple themes. Then, as they grow, you start adding more details and things that reflect their personalities and likes. As they get older still, these likes seem to change every day. Sometimes it’s animals, then superheroes, maybe princesses, or cars. They might love Pok√©mon one minute but then be begging for the new Power Rangers toys the next. If you attempted to change their bedroom every time their tastes change you’d be bankrupt. The key is creating a stylish and simple room, which you can accessories and change easily without spending a fortune or changing the core of the room. Here’s how.

Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl flooring is a fantastic option in a child’s room. It’s simple and stylish. It cleans easily, and it’s easy to accessorise. If you fancy a change, add a rug. Vinyl is also incredibly cheap and easy to fit. Check out some vinyl click underlay advice for more help.

Colour Scheme 

Choosing a colour for your child’s bedroom can be tough. Especially when they are very young and aren’t able to offer their own opinions, or when they go through the inevitable “I want it black” phase. It’s a good idea to keep most of the room neutral. Paint three of the walls cream or beige, so they go with everything and only ever need a fresh coat occasionally to brighten them up. Then, with the final wall, add a focal point. Paint it a colour that they love. Be bold and bright as it’s important to add some fun to your child’s room. Remember, it’s only one wall, so not too hard to change when they change their minds.

A Desk

Many parents don’t even think about adding a desk to their child’s room until they get older and start bringing homework home, or they get their own computer. But, even at a young age, a desk can be a good idea. It gives them a space to colour, draw or read. Somewhere that they can splash out and explore their creativity. Then as they get older, they are used to having this quiet space to work. It also gives them a little privacy and independence.


If there is one thing all children’s rooms need, it’s plenty of storage. Without it, rooms can quickly become cluttered and messy, and toys can easily get broken or lost. Keep your storage simple, with fun toy boxes and large plastic drawers. Make sure the kids can open them themselves and reach everything that they use a lot safer.

A Reading Corner

Reading to your children is one of the best things that you can do. Create a corner of the room filled with comfortable seating, blankets and easy to reach bookshelves. When they are young, they’ll love cuddling up with you for a story. But as they get older, they’ll still use this corner and somewhere to relax and escape with a good book.

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