The fabulous giant Lego animals were back at Arundel

I live on the south coast of England, and I'm so fortunate to have the sea to the south and the downs to the north and in between, there is a whole array of fields, castles, farms and more to visit.

One of my favourite spots is the Wetlands at Arundel, not least of all because you have the castle immediately in your sites as you reach this historic little town.  But the Castle is for another day.  This January we visited the wetlands for their giant Lego brick animal event.

Lego Beaver at Arundel Wetlands

I had booked Max into the Lego make and take away build in the morning with a view to walking around the Wetlands and feeding the ducks before going back inside in the warmth (and trust me it was cooooooold outside!) for something to eat before heading back home.  I'd planned it so we spent a good few hours here, most of it in the bitter cold, but that didn't bother my boy in the slightest.

Lego build room at Arundel

The first stop was to pop into the Wetland's dedicated Lego room, where there were instructions on how to make a frog and a fly with the help of the staff should you need it. The room is booked out for an hour, and this is plenty of time to complete the fly & frog.  Not only that, but you get to keep them both too!  I love this and think for £5, this is a great little deal.

There is also an added little bonus that you can make and purchase mini figures which are by the till and my boy decided to make ... himself (uncanny likeness).

Making Mini Figures at the Wetlands in Arundel

Lego Animals at Arundel Wetlands

We ventured outside to complete the Lego animal hunt, and along the way we saw some fabulous birds as always, even a kingfisher sitting on the fence watching the visitors take a little boat ride along the lake.

The centre has done a wonderful job with the Lego hunt, as there are many animals to see on your walk, but not all of the animals are on the quiz sheet, and to make sure you've actually seen the duck, kingfisher (Lego this time), beaver, etc,  there are questions on the sheet as to how many bricks each animal has!

Lego animal builds at Arundel Wetlands

Tracking down all the animal Lego builds at Arundel Wetlands

One of the many animal Lego builds at Arundel Wetlands

The Lego hunt has finished for this year, but I'm sure it will be back, and when it does it's definitely a great day out, and if you want to know how many Lego bricks the Kingfisher has, well, you'll need to pop down there to find out.

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