Banish The Beige: Adding Colour To Your Interior Space

A new year is a great time for a change, and if your interior space in your family home is feeling a little unloved now that all of the Christmas decorations are down; this could be the perfect place to start. Many people move into a home and leave the colours on the wall, wallpaper, and carpets or flooring as they were, especially if they’re of good quality. However, sometimes this can mean that you’re stuck with an overwhelmingly neutral or beige palette which doesn’t say much about your family’s style and personality. If you feel that the lack of colour in your home is making it feel drab and unloved; there are several ways to rectify the problem and introduce your favourite shades to enliven the space.

Nobody is telling you to take a paintbrush and slather the walls in red (unless you want to of course); you can keep those neutral hues around you and simply see them as a blank canvas for the more exciting prints and hues that you want to introduce. Colours will not only add character to a room; they enhance the depth and consideration of an interior so that you have somewhere you want to spend your time more often. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those wanting to tackle the beige in their home and have a colourful and vibrant year ahead in their family abode.

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Fabric Fantastic

The soft furnishings and textural, fabric additions that you dress a room with are a great way to add the pops of colour you want to. Hanging up some ready-made eyelet curtains or throwing some design-led scatter cushions into a room will allow you to be brave with your shade and print choices and you can see if items complement each other. Check out what the latest hues are that the interior savvy are bringing into their homes, and begin sourcing items from your favourite places online or in the shops. You can repurpose garments made from cotton into cushion covers, especially if you just need that particular pattern in your life. Fabric interior accessories are versatile as they can be moved from room to room, and they are a fun and cosy way to bring red, mustard, teal, or whatever colour you love, into your home.

Smaller Pots Of Paint

As previously mentioned; you don’t need to paint a whole wall unless you want to. However, there are still things to be painted in your chosen colour, and a small pot of colour can do wonders for a variety of furniture and accessories that need TLC. Therefore, you can grab that old coffee table that you’ve been eyeing up in the charity shop, or bring that sideboard out of storage in the garage, and give them a fresh facelift with plenty of paint. Check out sites like Pinterest for some colourful, furniture upcycling ideas, grab yourself some sale paints and brushes, and have a fun weekend filling your home with personality and


  1. I'm looking to make improvements to our homr this year. New curtains, feature walls and sift furnishings

  2. I'd love to create a feature wall this year too.


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