Great fun with Maplin's Christmas Inflatable Polar Bear

I have to admit, Maplin would not be one of my "Go To" shops for Christmas decorations!  This may be due to the fact that I don't own many electrical Christmas decor items, in fact, they are all mainly operated by battery fairy lights with only the tree lights that need a plug socket.

What a mistake that was!

I've received the 6ft Christmas Inflatable Polar Bear from Maplin to review, and I have to say, I'm converted and rather disappointed I've now got to wait 10 months to inflate him again!

Why did I choose an Inflatable Christmas Decoration?

Because it's fun!  I have a 6-year-old and I know for a fact he would love to have a MASSIVE polar bear around for Christmas.  Children love seeing the Christmas lights and looking out for all the decorations going up as Christmas approaches.  And my bear, well he comes with a great array of disco lights to shine through him and make him that bit more magical.

What did we think of the Inflatable Polar Bear from Maplin?

The box only has a slight weight to it due to the fan and light casing, and all is packed away rather well considering it's homing a 6ft polar bear.  After having a rummage in the box I was quite surprised to find there were no instructions!  Only to find them on the box itself (not that you really need them, but I'm a bit of a nerd and like to read them anyway!).

There are several guide rope pegs, the inflatable with sand in the corners to weight down and mains lead in the box, and that's all you need.  Once you have everything out, find the bottom of the bear and ensure there is nothing blocking the fan.  This is situated at the back outside.

Plug him in!

It takes no time at all for him to self-inflate.  The lights go on as soon as you plug him in and the fan starts to inflate the bear.  My child found this the most fun I'm sure and was hugging (he tells me he was guiding him), but he was hugging this bear until he was a full 6ft high.

He absolutely adores him and was rather sad that he now has to go live in the loft with all the another Christmas animals for 10 months.

Christmas Inflatable Polar Bear by Maplin

Maplin Inflatables for either indoor or outdoor use.

The great thing about this product is that it is designed to be used either indoors or out.  Hence the rope pegs and weighed down feet inside the bear.

The fabric is weather resistance so is designed to withstand the British winter weather at Christmas, but that being said, the mains cable is not that long so I would plan carefully where you would place him.  For me, I'm having him up near the porch so he can be seen from the road, but safely near to the house.  For us, we have to work out how we get the electrics running through, but like I said, we have 10 months to sort that bit out.

You can currently purchase this happy 6ft bear from Maplin for £39.99, they also have a 10ft inflatable Santa for £59.99, I'm very tempted to purchase him and have a proper winter theme in our garden this year!

I'm really pleased with our product, I like how the bear inflated quickly and easily, how the lights shine through to give him that little extra magic and most of all, that my 6-year-old boy adores him.


  1. What a statement piece decoration. I agree shame he has to hide away most of the year

    1. Isn't he! He might have to come out at Halloween and have a few deccies on him...


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