From Mum To Manager - Educate Yourself Into A Position of Power At Work

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2018 is a time of change; the self-confessed Year of The Woman. With more and more mums returning to the workplace through choice rather than necessity it’s no time to allow qualifications to stand between you and the job you have always wanted.

There is a wealth of choice when it comes to where to earn your degree, be it online or in a physical classroom. Many parents find the online option an easier one, and the possibilities are limitless. No longer limited to lower-paid positions, women can strive for top ranking in the workplace with a workplace degree under their belt.

There are commitments to consider, for example, the time it takes to study. An operations management online degree could take up to 24 months to undertake but could lead to one of the senior managerial positions in any company, with a pay packet to match.

Aside from paper qualifications, confidence is often an issue when it comes to mums taking a step back into the boardroom. It shouldn't be so and here’s why Mum’s make great managers!

They have fantastic time management skills

Having children drastically reduces the amount of time you have in the day yet increases the demands on it. With odds stacked against you, parents realise very quickly that their strategy for managing time must change if they are going to make it work. Mums are masters at making the most out of what they have. Every minute counts and that's the recipe for a results-driven manager.

They are empathetic and understanding listeners

Every child is unique, with unique qualities to offer. The same goes for every member of your team. Diversity in the workplace means backgrounds and personalities vary wildly, resulting in issues that will require resolution. These should be approached with the objective to seek out the full story while always considering these differences. This is where mum’s mindfulness and empathy are integral in finding the best possible solution and moving forward constructively.

They have patience

Employees need the chance to learn, absorb and develop into their careers, just as children do as they grow through each stage and process. It's your job to provide them with the tools necessary to become successful. Thriving in a role doesn't happen overnight.

They look inward

Precedents are set at the top of the chain. Children watch, absorb and imitate what they see, leading to their behaviour, good or bad, being influenced by the practices of their parents. It's the job of the mother, just as it is the job of the manager, to set examples.  Being self-aware and making a conscious effort to think about your behaviour as a manager is almost always going to net positives.

They inspire confidence

Children, just like employees, inherently seek out the need to feel safe and secure. Infants and toddlers count on their mothers. They have learned to trust that, no matter what goes wrong, their mother is still there as a guiding light. Good managers should also seek to build this trust as a manager-employee relationship based on mutual respect, and shared faith is the foundation for a phenomenal team and work culture.

Make 2018 a year where you understand your worth, both at home and in a job you love!

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