Are Thank You cards a thing of the past?

Making Thank you cards after Christmas

Are thank you cards becoming a thing of the past?  Does anyone else send these out anymore?  For Max's birthday and Christmas, we always make a note of who's bought what so we can send out thank you cards, but I have to admit, we don't seem to see many back from birthday parties so I do wonder, is this a fading card?

Materials we used for our thank you cards

This year, we made our own.  I actually wanted Max to use his painted finger to make balloons to go with our 'Thanks a bunch' phrase, but for the first time in forever, he didn't want to paint!!!!!!!!

I replaced 'painted fingers' for cut out circles from a glitter swatch The Paperbox sent us, that got my son's attention!

Glitter swatches from Paperbox make for great balloon templates

Now the glue has come out I've got all his attention back.  Whilst in shock that he didn't want to paint, this didn't mean he didn't want to make the cards or help.  So we sat and cut out circles and glued them to one side of the card.

Once the glue was dry, we added little 'pots' to the bottom of the card and I drew some string along the circles to meet in the middle and added little bows.  If the cards had been bigger I would have added ribbon or string to the card itself, but these are A5 sized cards folded in half, so very small area to work with.

Making small bunches of balloons for thank you cards

The colours of the cards are fabulous and the writing would probably have been better written in glitter pens or metallics, silvers and golds.  I wrote the phrase for Max to copy and he had a lot of fun adding the love hearts to each of his cards.

Thanks a bunch cards

I think these have turned out rather well and I love the effort Max has put into these cards and I do hope those who receive them know how much he appreciated their gifts this Christmas.

I do love the papers we received from The Paperbox, and my pinwheels that we made are dotted all around the house and just make it look a little bit more light and summery, just what we need to brighten up these horrid winds we are getting in the dark winter nights at the moment.

Do let me know if you also think Thank You cards are a thing of the past?


  1. Margaret Clarkson
    A lot of people don't bother, sadly. I always make sure my daughter sends them. I believe it is very important to say thank you.

    1. It is sad you're right. My boy loves to give out cards, so rather enjoys writing his thank yous.

  2. what a lovely idea - well done Max! We try to send thank yous for the kids gifts etc but I know what you mean there have been times we've really pushed the boat out on a gift for someone and haven't received a thank you. x

    1. I do wonder if it's just the sign of the times and people are more quick to send a text these days.


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