I went to the theatre to watch a play I knew nothing about

Waiting for the start of Glengarry Glen Ross at The Playhouse theatre in London
Before I put the phone away for the night, a quick pic of the setting for Glengarry Glen Ross
I know how that title sounds, but it's true!  I got an email from Showfilmsfirst back in October/November asking if I'd like to buy tickets to see Glengarry Glen Ross at a discounted rate.  I've had a few emails of this type before, but just thought 'no thanks' and closed them.

The reason why I stopped in my tracks and went straight to the website to book the tickets was due to this image within the email...

How can I not buy tickets to Glengarry Glen Ross when this image pops up in my emails!
When you're 90s crushing movie star pops up in your emails
I love this man!  I've loved him since he was JD in Heathers and I kicked myself that I never took the initiative and book tickets to go see One flew over the cuckoo's nest 14 years ago!  I wasn't in a good place then and it wasn't the right time, but November 2017 - THAT was the right time to book and January 27th was the right time to go!  My birthday weekend!

I had no idea what the play was about.  I had not watched Glengarry Glen Ross before and I didn't read the reviews, I didn't want to be influenced in any way and I just wanted to sit and drool.

The play itself was really good!  It was really intense, really fast-paced and gripping.  The storyline was about real estate salesman all wanting to be on the top of the board to win a Cadillac [and basically keep their jobs], but the sector is cut throat and those that are not at the top of their game risk being sacked, and so the idea of stealing the leads for the best commissions come into play and with an amazing set change we watch the story unfold as to who stole the leads.

What amazed me is the play stayed true to the era it was set in that it's dated, and as such the guys were dressed in 80s gear, with an office scene to match complete with smoking!

So after I got over the initial 'OMG I'm in the same room as Christian Slater, I'm going to die' moment, it's a great play!!  I found the show went extremely quickly.  It has elements of humour that I wasn't expecting, it has amazing acting from all involved and a fantastic set.

I'm so pleased I finally got to watch Christian Slater in a play, it's a big tick off my bucket list, and from now on, no more second doubts, if I want to see a show - I'm going for it!!

30 years on and he's still amazing!


  1. I haven't seen any theatre apart from kids shows in years, but sometimes I chose them purely for the starring celeb. For instance I saw Madonna in Up For Grabs

    1. I totally only went to see Christian Slater :)


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