Know your tools with the Little Saw Book: Book review

I've just finished reading a great little guidebook on saws.  It explains which saw to use for each job and for someone like me who enjoys upcycling and especially woodwork and pallet projects, I found this book to be rather handy!

About Little Saw Book

The book was born from the author Andy Clark after being asked which saw he would recommend for a job by a friend.  His response was it depended on what his friend was trying to make, and it was this moment that the author realised there was no book to answer this question and so Little Saw Book was born.

Review of Little Saw Book

If I want to cut wood I do it one of two ways!  The most popular way is I'll ask my partner to do it, and he does a great job.  The second way is I'll grab whatever saw I can find and 'give it a go'.  Now realise that's so wrong!

The book explains why the wood will split or leave jagged edges, how poor support will make the wood vibrate and in fact create more work for yourself.   Both of which I've experienced in the past.  That would be me using the wrong saw then!

It explains how to hold a saw, what type of saws to use on different types of materials and what jobs work better with each saw.

The paperback version of the book is available on Amazon for £3.99 and the Kindle edition is £1.99.  I found this to be a great reference guide and one I feel I will be going back to over the months to make sure I'm getting the best out of my tools and improving my skills.

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