Messy Easter craft ending in an egg hunt

Replacing the plastic and chocolate eggs for wooden ones to go on an Egg Hunt
Wooden eggs are perfect for decorating and hunting
My son gets excited over Easter Egg hunts, the sheer thought of hunting down eggs in the house, garden and at themed events is almost too much!

I'm not a fan of hiding chocolate in the garden, I remember hunting down eggs in the garden as a child, and being silly and excited over the number of eggs I found and hiding behind the tree stuffing my face. but the line I go with is it's not very hygenic.....

We have a neighbour's cat, a fox, a crazy squirrel, and all sorts of animals in our garden doing Lord knows what in the mud so this year, we decorated wooden eggs* thanks to our Bostik Box.

Decorate eggs to hunt in the garden.  Solid Wooden eggs are a good choice
Using wooden eggs and glue to decorate eggs to hunt in the garden
We had a combination of wooden and polystyrene eggs.  I highly recommend wooden ones, as these are very easy to paint, cover with glue and glitter, and are weighty.  With the wind picking up at the weekend the polystyrene eggs flew off around the garden on their own!

Even though I don't want the chocolate laying around the floor in the garden, I do still want the fun of finding chocolate, and for that reason, we made little egg baskets from an old egg box, decorated them and hung them from the trees & bushes.  The beauty of these, the kids don't look up!  They are so focused on the ground that they miss these ones to start with, but by helping decorate the baskets they know the eggs are out there somewhere!!

Hang Cadburys eggs in mini baskets from the tree.  Kids don't think to look up
Creating mini baskets to protect Chocolate eggs from nature in the garden
Use an old egg box to make mini egg baskets for an Easter Egg Hunt
Too well hidden?  Well, mumma knows where they all are......
This was a big hit in our house, and as the eggs are wooden we can get them out time and again, redecorate, repaint and clean up.

Our next hunt will be with a few of my son's friends, and the rules will be for every 5 eggs they find, they can trade them in for a bigger egg.  My son's eyes nearly popped out of his head when I told him this!

Happy Hunting


  1. What sweet little baskets! I'm like you, I don't like having chocolate on the ground even when it's wrapped, hanging them up is a great idea!

  2. I love your idea of hanging the baskets. We haven't ever hidden chocolate in the garden but we had a really big garden in our old house and I hosted egg hunts there where we hid pretend eggs and swapped them for chocolate afterwards

    1. Sounds brill, I love the idea of a big garden.

    2. I do miss it, especially the fruit trees


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