Why Is It So Cold In My House?


Everyone gets cold from time to time, and it’s something that always bothers us. Sometimes it’s a nice activity: we cosy up on the sofa and under the blanket just to make sure our toes don’t get cold, and we have a hot chocolate on standby. But when we’re doing that every day, we know there’s a problem in our homes. And it needs fixing! After all, just because we enjoying playing about in the snow outside doesn’t mean we want to feel its effects indoors as well!

So if you need help to keep warm in the current temperatures we’re experiencing, it’s time to give your house a quick one-two and spot the troublemakers in your architecture.

Are Your Doors Open?

Your doors are heat traps when they’re closed, but can let out all the warm air in the house when they’re open, even if they don’t lead to the outside. Then get some draught excluders to place at the bottom of the doors so that sneaky 11% of heat doesn’t slip out under there either.

Warming a room up one by one is a lot easier than trying to heat the house as a whole, after all, so make sure your doors are closed if you’re using a room and want to be as cosy as possible in it. At the same time, when you leave the house to go out, close all of your interior doors to try and keep a sense of warmth around when you’re not using the central heating.

How are Your Windows?

Yes, you’ve got drape curtains, but you also need to make sure the windows themselves aren’t thin, cracking, or improperly insulated. If any of these conditions exist, you’re going to have a hard time staying as warm as you need to be in your own house.

If you’re noticing some spots of cool air whenever you go near the window, it’s a good sign they’re not insulated properly. Contact a service like Wessex replacement double glazing to quickly rectify this, as insulating these points in your home are going to be the most effective way to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

Is the Attic Secure?

The attic is the place where we keep everything we don’t want to be tripping over, and thus we don’t usually pay it much mind unless we want the Christmas decorations out. However, considering it’s the top of your house, it needs to be monitored closely!

Your attic should have a good, thick layer of insulation to its name, thus trapping all the heat in the house and keeping it toasty warm. If you live in a particularly old house, there’s a good chance your original insulation has thinned out, and thus it’s going to need replacing. Test it out now to see if that’s where your heating bill is going through the roof.

Not so much in modern houses, but the attic is also home to many old boilers, make sure yours is up to date.

Human beings don’t work well when it comes to prolonged exposure, despite the novelty of the cold weather.


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