How I made a Branch Trolls costume

Creating a Branch Troll costume for a 6 year old fancy dress party
How I created Branch's costume for a Trolls Party
My son was recently invited to a birthday party where the theme was Trolls, and fancy dress was highly recommended.  Obviously to a 6-year old that means compulsory and we all know every child there will be dressed up.

Trolls outfits are rather hard to come by for boys, but there is an outfit online for Branch, but I don't like it!  Admittedly the hair is pretty cool, but I don't like the costume.  It may be due to the dressmaking course that I'm taking that has given me the confidence to say, I'll make my own!!

Materials I used to make Branch Troll Costume

* Green felt
* Brown/Orange shorts [already owned]
* Green T-shirt [from a pack of 3 at Asda]
* Black Wig
* Hairspray
* Sewing Kit
* Leaf template
Materials used for making a Child's Branch Troll Costume
Materials used to make a Trolls fancy dress costume for a child
Branch wears a waistcoat but there was no way my flimsy T-Shirt was going to hold up to four dozen leaves with a cut down the middle!  So I opted to pick off the sleeves instead and re-sew ahem.

Once cut, I spent the next 2 nights hand-sewing leaves onto the T-Shirt.

Hand sew leaf shaped felt on to a T-Shirt to make a branch outfit
Tack and then sew on leaf-shaped felt to make a Branch outfit
I had a few leaves left over so I add these to the shorts.  They should have been patches really, but to be honest, I'd had my fill of shaped felt!

For the hair, I bought a black wig off Amazon (at a reduced add-on price), blue would have been better, but blue was rather expensive!

I used a balloon as my model and hung it upside down and spent a few hours spraying the hair like it was the 80s!
Just waiting for my Troll Hair to dry - using a balloon as a model
Creating a Troll Wig with hairspray and a balloon.
The wig was a wee bit too long for my 6-year-old so I tucked in the top (I wasn't allowed to cut it!!).  And the outfit was complete.

Handmade Branch Troll Costume for a fancy dress party
How I made my son his Branch Troll fancy dress costume
I'm rather pleased with the outcome, he was definitely unique at the party and he loved his wig so much it lasted the 2 sweaty hours and was still on when he came home.

One happy little Branch.


  1. Trolls is something that has passed us by, although I do remember having a tiny one myself as a child first time around

  2. is it cool if you help me with a poppy costume im a kid names charlotte


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