How we made Harry Potter inspired flying Keys

Quick and easy flying keys as inspired by Harry Potter - great kids craft
I think the plaque says it all - Mischief was managed
This month my Bostik Blogger challenge theme was Flying.  With World Book Day just around the corner and my son going as Harry Potter, it only felt right to create the infamous flying keys from Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

Materials for creating Flying Keys

* Feathers
* Glue
* Oven bake clay
* Key template
Only a few items are needed to create harry potter inspired keys
Just a few materials are needed to make flying keys
The best bit about using oven back clay is we can have the keys any colour we like, even to match the feathers.

How to make Flying Keys

We rolled out the clay into long sausage strips and loosely followed the template of the key.
If you can't create keys freehand, just use a template
Using a key template as a guide to making flying keys
Creating keys with Fimo - ready to bake in the oven
Using oven bake clay to create funky colour keys
Once the keys have been baked and cooled down they are ready to have their wings.   We had a fantastic bundle of feathers to choose from, and whilst we could have mixed this up a lot, my son decided he wanted to the feathers to match the colour of the keys.

With our Bostik glue, we added a dab onto the key directly and then added the feathers.  I used small pegs to keep the feathers in place whilst the glue dried.  This was the hardest part, as my boy just wanted to touch them, playing with them, see if they flew......

Just a little dab of glue will keep the feathers in place
Only a little dab of glue is needed to keep the feathers in place
Keep feathers in place just long enough for the glue to dry
Waiting for the glue to dry
Once the wings were dried I added some white thread to the keys to enable us to hang them around the house.  We have them dotted all around the place, in subtle areas so it's not obvious at first that they are even there.
Great kids craft - using oven bake clay to make multi-coloured harry potter inspired flying keys
Multi-colour flying keys
Green Flying Key.  Inspired from Harry Potter; ideal kids craft
Pink Flying Key, inspired by Harry Potter
Pink Flying Key, inspired by Harry Potter 
A great little project for any Harry Potter fan.

I received a craft bundle from Tots100 and Bostik as part of the Bostik Blogger group

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  1. What a clever idea. One of my boys went as Harry Potter too


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