How to turn your child's art into beautiful mythical creatures

Taking your kid's random drawings and cutting them out into mystical creature shapes and adding them to cards

The theme for May's Bostik Blogger challenge is CreaturesAfter our very artful and detailed flowers from April, I decided to go with basic and messy - my son's favourite.

Before I go any further, I'd just like to say this doesn't need to be just your toddler's art, this can be yours too.  I had a lot of fun with this!

The first step is to source templates to fill an A4 piece of paper.  Once printed, turn the sheets over!  Yep, you don't want this side showing.  You want your child to have a blank piece of paper to get artistic on.  Be it with crayons, paints, decoupage pieces or even glitter glue.
Use plain pieces of paper with template images on the reverse to children can paint all over the page and it can be turned into a fabulous image
Now, depending on how attached your child is to their drawings you may need to wait this one out!  My son loves all his art pieces and would be quite mortified if he knew I cut them up!

So I had my own pieces to cut up, this is where it is a great family craft project.
Making mythical creature picture cards

Once the paintings have dried, turn the sheets back over and cut out the templates.  Once finished you will have some rather lovely mythical creatures, in unique and unusual colours to be glued on to backing card.   And just like that in a weekend you and your children have created some pretty homemade cards to send out for all and any occasions.

This craft activity features in Twinkl’s Mother’s and Other’s Day: Including Others this Mother’s Day blog.

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  1. This is a really clever idea, but I know what you mean about them being attached to artwork. My dining room window sill is full of mainly broken pieces of their craft, which I'm not permitted to remove


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