Lovely new children books released in April

April has seen the release of some lovely new children's books, and we have had the good fortune of reading through these new releases recently.

I've summarised below the new books and our thoughts on each one.

Win these 2 new children books released in April 2018

Books for Nursery and Early Year Children

Time for a Trip - Age range 3 -5 years

"What time is it? It’s TIME FOR A TRIP! Little Bunny’s all packed and ready to go—and imagining the many ways his family might travel. Will they board a bus or a choo-choo train? Sail on a ferry or blast off on a plane? In the end, everyone piles in the car and they visit the best place of all: Gramps and Granny’s house! What fun."

This is a small thin book, which actually has a lot of story to it.  The graphics are beautiful and reach the perfect audience.

A story of a bunny who is getting ready for a trip, trying to guess how they are going to travel, once they are on the road, they fill the adventure with counting trucks, napping, stopping to stretch and then finally the adventure truly starts when they arrive at their destination- the grandparent's house.

Time for a Trip - Author Phillis Gershator / ISBN 9781454927747 / Publication date: April 2018 £8.99
Puddle Pug - Kim Norman / ISBN 9781454927150 / Publication date: April 2018 £6.99

Puddle Pug - Age range 3 -7 years

"Percy was a puddle pug.  He loved puddles of every sort.  But something was always missing....."

This is a lovely little book that my 6-year-old can read to me rather well.  It prompted discussions and shows the story of a little pug dog who loves a puddle.  He finds lots of different puddles to splash around it, but, the one he loves is occupied by a mama piggy and her piglets, and this mama piggy is not willing to share......!

Books for Early Years & Young School Children

Up in the Leaves - Age range 5 -8 years

"As a shy boy growing up in New York City, Bob Redman loved nothing more than dashing to Central Park after school and climbing up into the trees.  High in the leaves, he felt calm; he had a secret place where he could slip away from the city's rushing crowds.

He began building his treehouses using scavenged materials, careful never to harm the trees themselves.  The first treehouse was just a platform and when it was mysteriously taken down, Bob simply started the second one.  For eight years, each time one of his houses was removed, he'd build another, more elaborate than the last.

This is the fascinating true story of Bob's Central Park treehouses - his cleverly designed hideaways in the middle of the bustling city."

The beautiful cover illustration on this book carries on throughout and it really is a lovely book to read, I love this style of illustration.

The story of Bob felt almost like an autobiography of a boy who never gave up.  When one treehouse disappeared he built another until finally, he got a job looking after the trees and being allowed to climb them as part of his job.

Up in the Leaves - Author Shira Boss / ISBN 9781454920717/ Publication date: April 2018 £12.99

Giveaway Books

I am the Boss of this Chair - Age range 4 - 7 years

"Oswald Minklehoff Honey Bunny III is a cat who's used to being top dog.  Then along comes Pom-Pom.  The indifferent kitten threatens to unseat Oswald as the boss of the toilet paper, the meals, the back door, the toy mouse, and - worst of all - Osward's special chair!  Will Oswald ever rule the roost again?"

This book is such a great little story of a cat who is boss [aren't they all], and then along comes a new baby, a kitten named Pom Pom who wants the chair, wants to play with the toilet rolls and eat the meals and it's how Oswald Minklehoff Honey Bunny III deals with the arrival of a new kitten.

A great book for anyone with a young school-aged child who may have a younger sibling, and showing them how to share and have fun.

I am the Boss of this Chair - Author Carolyn Crimi / ISBN 9781454923220 /
 Publication date: April 2018 £12.99

Selfie Sebastian - Age range 4 - 8 years

"Sebastian knows he's a good looking fox.  So why can't he take a perfect selfie?  He goes on a quest to capture a flawless shot, but no matter how many pictures he takes or how far he travels he can't quite put his paw on what's missing.  Will he ever find the secret to a successful selfie?"

I have to admit, I was unsure of this book due to the title, and whether I wanted to read this with my son.  He's 6, I didn't want him being concerned with selfies and if he looked good in pictures.

I needn't be concerned, we read the book with complete interest and it turns out that selfies are not all that great after all, not when you're on your own.  It is far better to be with your friends and taking photos of having fun.

Selfie Sebastian - Author Sarah Glenn Marsh / ISBN 9781454921295/ 
Publication date: April 2018 £12.99

So what do you think of the new children books that have come out?  I think my son favours the cat the most - mainly due to his name!  I rather like the Up in the Leaves.


  1. Puddle Pug as my niece and nephews have two pugs and they love to plod in the puddles, whereas our chihuahuas hate puddles!

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2018

    Margaret Clarkson
    "Up in the leaves" My Godson would love it.

  3. selfie sebastian would be good to read with lillie pops, she loves a selfie

  4. Although my boys are older than target age, I might have to buy Puddle Pug, as son2 is mad on pugs


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