Wicked The Musical - A truly magical experience!

Wicked is entering its 12th years at London's West End.  This means for 12 years, as I've gone to London and come out at Victoria Station and seen that green face glaring back at me I have been wondering - "What is that all about!  Is it just a take on the wicked witch's version of events from the wizard of Oz?"

12 years I've been thinking "I think I'd like to go see that one day".  But of course, every time I see the building with Elphaba staring back I'm off to do something else, and I never remember to look into booking tickets.

Then one day, I'm chatting with my work bestie who mentions that she's seen Wicked.  I screw my face up, telling her I'm not sure on this musical, and maybe subconsciously is the reason why I forget to look into tickets.

The Wizard of Oz is my childhood movie.  Every year at Christmas we would sit and watch this.  It was one of the only traditions my dysfunctional family had.  I don't know if I'm ready for this film to be blown completely out the water.

My friend goes on to tell me it's an amazing musical.  It's a love story, it's how you will feel so sorry for Elphaba and feel for her, how she is misunderstood and she really is only a victim of circumstance.

What?!  Are we talking about the same crazy witch that wants those red slippers?  Has flying monkeys strip the scarecrow of his stuffing.....no.

Then, this year, for my birthday, my lovely friend bought us tickets to go see Wicked at the Apollo Theatre in London, and it was one of the best nights ever!

Everything my friend said was true.  I came away with completely different feelings for Elphaba than I ever had as a child!  The music was amazing, the acting was first class but the effects, the special effects were fantastic and within minutes of the first half, you are there!  You are experiencing school with Glinda and Elphaba, you are rooting for the underdog, you just want her to be happy.

AS for Glinda - well, seeing her in a new light now!  (Mean Girls comes to mind).

If you have "Seeing Wicked" on your bucket list, I highly recommend it.  I recommend it so much I want to go back, and you know what, I'm going to!  It's such a brilliant fantastic musical I'm quite shocked at myself for leaving it 12 years before going!

Grab those moments, cross them off your bucket list.

I'm off to buy the soundtrack now.

I'd love to hear from those who have seen it, has it changed your view when you watch the Wizard of Oz now?


  1. Not seen it, but you've certainly sown the seed of temptation. Maybe just maybe, although what I would really like to see would be Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    1. OMG I'd like to see that too!
      Sorry for the delay in replying, I'm not getting notifications I've got comments!

  2. I did blitz read quite a few of your posts, so there will be more comments to find. Some needed approving as well. Think that happens when I do a lot on one go. I turned off my email notifications when GDPR kicked in but still getting them via app


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