9 Best ways to make your car look Awesome

Cars are not classified as basic needs but they are necessary. Despite being a bit expensive, cars are very convenient and they can make your life better and enjoyable. It feels good when you are driving either a good car, expensive car or the latest model.

Car appearance depends on the maintenance.  A well-maintained car will always look good no matter how old it is, but a poorly maintained car will always look bad regardless of its cost or model.  Below are the best ways in which you can ensure your car looks awesome.

1. Clean and organize your car

Ensure you leave your car clean all the time by collecting all the rubbish.  You should also make sure that your car is well organised.  For example, if your car has pillows ensure they are well arranged. Also, ensure that the carpets are clean.

2. Put Smart Floor Mats

Mats make the face of the car interior.  Good car mats will always make your car look smart and cared for regardless of how old it could be.  Ensure that you use weather appropriate mats.

3. Get some Seat Covers

Seat covers can make your car interior look attractive.  You should look for seat covers that match the colour of your interior.  Seat covers can prevent the car seats from getting damaged and stained.  Be sure to buy the washable or leather covers for easy cleaning.

4. Repair Dents and Scratches

A car with dents and scratches look old and unattractive.  When you remove dents and scratches you make your car look appealing and also it can help in adding its resale value.

5. Upgrade your car speakers

When you upgrade the speakers of your car, you will be able to get quality sounds.  This will make you enjoy the entertainment together with your passengers and especially when you’re stuck in the traffic.

6. Repaint the exterior

If the colour of your car has faded you can consider respraying it.  A respray makes a car look different in the overall appearance.  To maintain this colour you need to use the appropriate car wax such as Meguiars Black Wax.

7. Get new wheels

Worn out wheels not only make your car look unattractive but can also make you cause an accident and a thread below 1.6mm is illegal.  Therefore it is important that you check your wheels are always in good condition.

8. Change your steering wheel

Steering wheel tends to wear out very easily if in constant use, and therefore, it is important that you replace it when necessary.   A well-maintained steering wheel makes your car interior look cleaner and well looked after.

9. Get tinted windows

Tinted windows can make your car look attractive and gives it a fast class appearance.  It can also provide an element of privacy.  A well-maintained car will not only look attractive but also it will have a higher value.  Nobody wants to remain with their first car forever, and so it may come a time when you want to upgrade and sell the current one.  If your car is well-maintained, then, you will be laughing all the way to your bank when this comes first.

Guest Post: Alec Neufeld.   Alec is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man.  He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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