How to find your notes quicker with TABi range of notepad

The new style of notepads have arrived!

TABi - Like a search engine for paper

I am very excited to be showing you guys the new notepads from TABi!  I, like many, love stationery but this organiser pad blows all other notepads out the water!

These pads are designed to help you find your notes whenever you need them without flicking back through pages or even worst going through the wrong notepad!

Designed with over 50 tabs all along the edges of the pad in different size sheets this pad is ideal for short quick notes, with the tabs found around the top, to more detailed lengthy notes with tabs along the bottom complete with extra pages.

TABi Features

Due to the unique patented design of TABi notebooks…
  • every page has its own index tab for a clue about what’s on it
  • every tab is visible from the first page
  • every tab is supported by pages beneath for ease of writing

TABi notebooks contain a similar number of pages found in most ordinary notebooks:
  • A4 – 162 high-quality white 100 gsm pages in total
  • A5 – 144 high-quality white 100 gsm pages in total

My thoughts?

I love these pads!  I love how the covers feel so smooth and soft.  I like how stylish these notepads are and come across so elegant.

I've also included a video below to show these marvellous pads and how easy it is to flick to each of the tabs and the sizes of each page.

For anyone who loves stationery, these are for you!

You can purchase both A4 and A5 size pads on TABi website for £23.88 & £19.90 respectively, and for what you receive, I do believe these are a good price and will be purchasing more as presents.

I received the TABi notepads for review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.

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  1. They do look good. However I only tend to use a notebook at work, and they can only purchase via certain suppliers


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