Why I made a Star Wars Wreath

At the end of last year I made a Dr Who Christmas Wreath, which I loved, and so did my bestie!
Not that that's a bad thing, not at all, it shows me that I must be doing something right with my crafts, but what my bestie then said, brought me out in a cold sweat for 4 months....... "Can you make me one for my wedding".

Now, there is one thing creating a wreath for personal use to be displayed at home over Christmas, there is another thing creating a piece for your bestie, for her wedding!  People will see it! Hence the nerves set in.

Niki is into Star Wars.  I'd made her a stool a couple of years ago and she still has it to this day, in fact, I've made her a few bits and bobs over the years, so it comes to no surprise really that her Wedding Wreath is going to be Star Wars themed.

With Lego being a big factor in their lives too, I'm rather pleased I managed to get Niki to hand over some Stormtroopers and Darth Vader mini figures.

I used sparkling 'space' tulle fabrics to wrap around the wreath and red fairy lights entwined.  I had glitter around my house for weeks!  Every time I added a section I was going to work with glitter on my face, finding it on the sofa, in the carpet.  I started to handle the wreath as if it was made of glass!

I've used floral wire around all the pieces this time rather than a glue gun, due to the fact my 11th Doctor fell off!!

I haven't 'Kragled' the mini-figures, but I'm quietly confident they should be OK, and the finishing touch is the 2 light sabres (which were keyrings) and they light up too!

I have shown Niki the finished piece and she is very happy with it and tells me she loves it.  I do worry if she's just being biased though and the proof will be on the 1st September when this is hung over by the DJ for all to see!!

I do hope it goes down well!!!

What do you think?


  1. Fab. Love it when people do something a bit different for a wedding. Heard someone talking about their halloween wedding on the radio recently

    1. I would totally have a halloween wedding :)


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