I loved the new book, 24 hours in Nowhere

When I got sent the following brief regarding a new book coming out in September 2018, I just had to read it:

"24 Hours in Nowhere is a real page-turner adventure featuring four kids on a treasure hunt – it’s a book that echoes The Goonies and Stand By Me and has a great sense of humour and a cast of very likeable and resilient characters. It’s a story of friends overcoming adversity through a shared struggle and a reminder that life’s hardships, be they being bullied or feeling like an outcast, can be beaten."

Author: Dusti Bowling / ISBN: 9781454929246 / Publisher: Sterling / Pub Date: Sept 2018

To echo one of my all-time favourite movies is a big deal, and I'm so pleased to say that it really didn't disappoint!

About 24 Hours in Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere, Arizona, the least liveable town in the United States.  For Gus, a bright 13-year-old with dreams of getting out and going to college, life there is made even worse by Bo Taylor, Nowhere's biggest, baddest bully.  When Bo tries to force Gus to eat a dangerously spiny cactus, Rossi Scott, one of the best racers in Nowhere, comes to his rescue, but in return, she has to give Bo her prized dirt bike.  Determined to buy it back, Gus agrees to go searching for gold in Dead Frenchman Mine, joined by his old friends Jessie Navarro and Matthew Dufort and Rossi herself.

As they hunt for treasure, narrowly surviving everything from cave-ins to mountain lions, they bond over shared stories of how hard life in Nowhere is - and realise this adventure may be their way out.

My views on 24 Hours in Nowhere

Loved this book, it's aimed at children 8 - 11 years, and I fully believe this age group will love this book!   I loved this book!

The story follows the 4 young teenagers through a very dangerous mine in the search for gold.  Through cave-ins and getting lost, it takes them all night to search for the gold and then the fear sets in that these kids may not get out the cave alive!

You learn more about the children whilst in the cave, their dreams, their worst days, how they want to get out of this awful town... and mine!   As you read the book you start to wonder if these kids are going to make it out at all and find yourself flicking through the hours in the book to find out if there is any gold or lives to be saved!

About Dusti Bowling

Dusti Bowling grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, where, as her family will tell you, she always had her nose in a book.  Dusti holds a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master of Education, but she realised that her true passion was writing.  The Day We Met,  her self-published YA novel, has sold over 20,000 copies.  She currently lives in Carefree, Arizona with her husband and three daughters, one bobcat, a pack of coyotes, a couple chuckwallas, several rattlesnakes and few herds of javelina.

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  1. Son1 will only read comedy by choice, but I think this would appeal to son2


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