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Moving to a new property is exciting for most people.  From closing the house to getting the keys, it’s a huge rush to buy your own property.  Not only is it exciting to move into a property that’s all yours, but it’s also a good time in your life to move into a new neighbourhood and meet new people. You get the chance to integrate into a new area and give yourself an entirely new start.

Some people out there hate moving house, but moving to a new property is an exciting experience for others, especially when moving from a smaller property to a larger one.  This may be an entire upgrade from a one-bedroom property to a family house or moving for promotion and even emigration.

While moving house is exciting, there’s no lie in the fact that it is quite stressful!
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There are a lot of reasons that a move can make you feel stressed out.  Here are some of them

  • A big change in your daily routine. You’ve been so used to going the same routes for your commute to work that the idea of a new way to go can be stressful to cope with. You also have to consider that when you’ve got kids in tow, they may have to move schools, which is not ideal at all when they are used to their own routines outside of yours. 
  • The thought of packing up and starting again. Packing is… well, who actually enjoys packing other than paid packers?! 
  • The unknown is stressful to cope with. All those anxieties blocking your chest? They’re there because you don’t know what is next. 
  • Leaving people you know. It’s extraordinarily stressful to get up and leave everything that you’ve ever known to go somewhere else. 

There are, of course, things that you could do to relieve the stress of the move as it happens. You need to minimise the stress of the move as it happens, as well as learn to relax after the move has taken place so that you can enjoy your time in the new house as best as possible. Below, you’ll find some of the ways to relieve your stress after the move:

  • Starting to pack the house as early as possible is a must. Make lists of everything you want to take from each room, and start from the bottom, working your way up. Anything you haven’t used or needed or had on display in the last six months needs to go - except paperwork and photographs, those need to be boxed and filed correctly. 
  • Planning ahead has to happen if you want to take the stress away from the house move itself. Book your time off work, book the removal company early and book the cleaning company to come in and get into the nitty-gritty of scrubbing your house from top to bottom. By hiring a company, you can avoid having to do any of this yourself. 
  • Use all the food in the house so that all you’re bringing with you are spices. Cancelling your bills is important so that you’re not still being billed for a house you no longer live in. You could also set up your internet and utilities at the new house ready for the day you move in. Aside from a cup of tea, you don’t want to miss out on using the internet the moment you walk in, right? 
  • Book a removal van. You could hire a van yourself and move it all in, but if you hire a company, you can have it all done for you and you don’t have to think about it anymore. They are also more experienced at lifting heavy loads, so you can save your very untrained back!
  • Book a babysitter for the kids.  A relative's house for the weekend is a good place for them to go so that they’re not under your feet while you’re trying to unpack the entire house and get everything as normal as possible for them when you’ve already changed their routine once.
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Once you’ve moved into your new house, you should consider how you can stay relaxed once you’re in it. You need to become accustomed to the new property, and here are some of those ways that you can really kick back:

  • Potter around your new garden. No doubt you’ve already been out and shopped for your new garden furniture, ordered your fountain and booked the gardener to arrive next month. Now is your chance to show your new garden your green thumb and give it a little love. 
  • Run a bubble bath in the new house. The first delicious bath to calm those aching muscles always feels fantastic, and you can use any of these tips to make your bubble bath the most amazing one yet! 
  • Have a nap! You’ve just moved your entire life from one house to another, which means you’re going to be exhausted. Having a nap can refresh you and get you ready for the next activity on the list. 
  • Go and explore with the kids. After you have spent some time concentrating on your new house and getting into the new one, you need to consider that you don’t know your area. As a family, go for a walk and get yourselves accustomed to the new area. You can see if there are any local attractions that you could all enjoy together and take the kids to the nearest park, too.
A house move doesn’t have to mess you up! You can be relaxed, excited and happy the whole way there because you’ve done everything possible to ensure that your house move is the most relaxing experience possible. Get as organised as possible and make your house move the easiest thing that you do this year. Do it for yourself and your family; the last thing that they need is a stressed-out parent!


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