Are we not yet past calling Bully dogs scary?

Over 31,300 people have shared the same view as me and campaign organiser Micky Layton.  There is no place for beautiful, kind and soppy English Bull Terriers to be branded as a scary dog in a children's book.

Depicting EBT as a scary mean dog in a childrens book

From German Shepherds to Rottweilers to Dobermans, it feels like this country needs a breed to hate, and currently, it is the turn of the Bull Terriers.   How are we going to get away from the stigma these dogs carry if books are coming out depicting the English Bull Terrier as scary!

I can almost guarantee the illustrator and author, do not, and have never owned a bully breed.

There is currently a petition running to have the book taken down, I would rather see the 'scary dog' removed and the book re-issued.   But alas, in the last couple of days a counter-petition has also been created call over 31,000 dog lovers a hate mob!

Clearly, another non-bully owner who has never been in contact with them.

This is not a hate campaign, this is an awareness campaign.

No one has any issue with the author other than their lack of understanding of how dark the world of a Bully dog can get.

Did you know people cross the street when they see a Staffordshire Bull Terrier coming?  Did you know people pick up their teacup sized dogs when they are passing an English Bull Terrier?  Did you know people pull the most disgusting face when you tell them you own Staffordshire Bull Terriers?  Did you know they are one of the hardest breeds to re-home and euthanized for no other reason other than they've gone stir crazy in kennels?

This is not a hate campaign, it is a campaign created out of the passion for a breed that can not speak for itself.

Do you agree and feel the book should be pulled and edited?  Do you own a Bully breed and go through the ignorance of others?  Or are you one who has never had any dealings with these dogs and feel this is a hate campaign?

If you want to know more about the typical day of an English Bull Terrier then I highly recommend following Piglet and Me over on Facebook,  a rescue pup from Arundawn Rescue, but in all honesty, I'm not sure who rescued who.

Or check out The Blueboys.  An Australian couple of Staffies who, with their humans, raise thousands of pounds every year for charities across the world.

One breed that just asks to be met and played with before you pass judgement on them.  Never more has a breed been so misunderstood.

Sticking up for the bully breeds as someone has to by

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