The Awesome Walking with Dinosaurs with Michaela Strachan

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, we had a roarsome dinosaur themed weekend recently.  

We started looking for Fossils at Beachy Head on Saturday then a Dinosaur Safari on Sunday morning and ended with watching Dinosaurs roam the O2 arena on Sunday, in the spectacular Dinosaur Live Show - Walking with Dinosaurs.
The opening to Walking with Dinosaurs with Michaela Strachan

The show had Michaela Strachan, who I've loved since the really wild show, AND by the way, looks as amazing as ever!   Taking us through the age of the dinosaur in this truly magnificent live show.

We were taken through the ages of the dinosaur eras, how the continents split and moved to take us from Triassic to Jurassic, and the change in dinosaurs along the way.
Torosaurus at the London 02 Arena

We witnessed fights for dominance, fights for survival and stand offs between various dinosaurs, leaving us in awe and wonder at the power and strength of these creatures.
Ankylosaurus about to take on a baby T-Rex

As we finish with the Cretacious period, we watch as a very audacious baby T-Rex feels he can take on both an Anlyosaurs and a Torosaurus.  But we all know, where there is a baby, the mummy is never too far behind...

Stand Off between an Ankylosaurus, Torosaurus and a T-Rex

T-Rex at the London 02 Arena

I've added a video below as the words above don't really capture just how amazing this show was. It's a mash-up of various stages throughout the dinosaur era to give you an idea of how spectacular the event was.

The show is currently touring but will be gone for good soon.  If you get the opportunity to visit Walking with Dinosaurs, the arena spectacular, I highly recommend it.

Walking with Dinosaurs is a truly majestic experiences - by

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  1. Amazing. Makes our trip to Dinosaur World Live pale into insignificance in comparison, although we enjoyed that


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