What is Dinosaurs in the wild all about

Over the summer we had a dinosaur-themed weekend.  We started looking for Fossils at Beachy Head on Saturday and ended with watching Dinosaurs roam the O2 on Sunday, and in between that, we went on a Dinosaur Safari!
Getting reading to travel back in time and watch Dinosaurs in the Wild

Just a short walk up from the 02 Arena was a building, a building with the technology to time travel, to travel back 67 million years and watch dinosaurs roam free in the wild.  We were lucky enough to purchase tickets to this very rare event.

We waiting in the departure lounge for our time shuttle to arrive, no time to get bored with all the dinosaur facts around the room, and even refreshments were available.

The time travel itself was very quick and relatively smooth, much smoother than I would have ever envisaged, but maybe that's from watching too much Dr Who and seeing the TARDIS whizz around in circles.

We crossed the planes from 67 million years ago in jeeps, not the safest of vehicles in my option, we saw the jeep next to us get knocked slightly!  We saw dinosaurs walking along the path in front of us and it was a bit hit and miss if we were going to get attacked by the T-Rex!  All I can say is, I totally understand how the kids from Jurassic Park felt now!!

Once in the safety of Timebase67, we could take off our UV glasses, I have the distinct feeling of Deja Vu with these glasses, I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm sure I wore something similar when we went to watch the latest Avengers film in 3D.
Being shown around the timestation of Chronotex

We were shown around Chronotex time station with our very knowledgeable guide, we were shown some truly magnificent sites, such as the lab where the diagnostics on dinosaurs was run, studies of the anatomy and the keeping of the blood and for some reason, T-Rex poop!
Being shown around the laboratory of the dinosaur anatomy

Dinosaur Claws, almost the size of my son!

We walked through to the next room which was where the autopsy on the dinosaurs happen.  Well, after witnessing first had on the screen what that nasty T-Rex got up to, I'm surprised that the doctor didn't have a pile of dinosaurs in the corner to examine!
Dinosaur autopsy

That lead us on to the nursery, and luck would have it, we witnessed one of the eggs cracking open!  One of the staff quickly came and took the egg away to help the baby along and fortunately, we were still in the room when he came back, and the children were able to watch the next generation of the dinosaur being born.

Although, I do think by this point my son was getting slightly nervous, but excited at the same time.
Dinosaur Eggs

Witnessing a baby dinosaur being born

Once through here things started to take a turn for the worse. 

We entered a rather dark room, so of course, the children immediately came back to their parents.  There were nocturnal animals in here, some very nasty looking birds, who gave us all a bit of a fright screeching when the light was turned up, but worst of all, was the strange box in the corner, that kept moving!
What's in the Box - Dinosaurs on Safari

Whilst one of the crew was talking to us about the safety equipment they needed to wear to be around the dinosaurs etc, that box started to open!  I wasn't convinced that tiny padlock at the top was going to hold whatever was in there!  I'm just glad we got out of there before the whole thing and not just its claws made their way out!!

I may have to write a letter of complaint.

We moved swiftly on to our final area, the main reason for the tour I feel.  The spectacular viewing area of the world outside.  Here, we needed to don our UV glasses again.  We had four massive windows to look out of, which showed all aspects of the world outside.

It's very much a kill or be killed world and the kids took the killing of a baby Triceratops a lot better than either myself or my partner!  Some mad thing came out the water as the poor little mite was having a drink!

I didn't have any time to mourn though, the T-Rex pack we'd been watching earlier had attacked another jeep!  Only this time it was stuck out there!  Oh, it was horrid to watch, we were helpless, the crew in the room with us rushed out of the emergency exits to help them.

I had no time to worry about them either!   We were being hunted!  We had been spotted by the T-Rex and they were now on their way over to us!
Watching as the T-Rex make their way over to us to ram us

The next few moments were a bit of a blur, I'm so glad I filmed it.

All I'm left to say about our Safari morning is that we managed to get out of danger thanks to the calm and professionalism of the staff. 

As shown in the video, I have no need to worry about my son, he will run and leave you all for dust when faced with a T-Rex attack.

The day was amazing.  Unfortunately, Dinosaurs in the Wild has now left London, but if it comes back or tours the rest of the UK I highly recommend a visit back millions of years to experience first-hand our terrifying yet beautifully amazing dinosaurs.

That is if Timebase67 survived the attack....


  1. Thank you for sharing, it looks amazing! I had a friend that visited and her and the children loved it too, I wish we had been on the ball enough to go now, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out if it comes back!

  2. Wish I'd known about this earlier. Sounds very exciting


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