How to make these spooky floating candle

I've seen on various videos on Facebook and Pinterest crafters making floating candles so thought I'd give it a try ready for Halloween.

Making floating candles, when it becomes dusk the threads disappear

Now, when I made these, I didn't think they looked great to close up and contemplated putting them in my recycling bin!  But, I hung them up anyway and turned off the lights and actually, they look rather fabulous, even if I do say so myself!

How to make floating candles

The process I used was a very simple one, and only need 5 items:
* Toilet rolls
* Glue gun
* Paint
* LED lights
* String

I run a glue gun around the edge of the toilet rolls with the occasional 'drip' effect to simulate candle wax.

Then I run the glue gun around the inside.  This acts as a shelf for the light to sit on.  (MUST be LED)

Paint everything white.  When I did this it was still quite obvious these were toilet rolls and not candles.  I gave them two coats and in all honesty, they could probably have done with a third.

Creating floating candles for Halloween

I figured I'd see this craft to the end so I pierced holes across the top of the rolls and threaded the black thread through to enable the 'candles' to be hung up.

My second disappointment was you can quite clearly see the thread.  It was then that it dawned on me that these are designed to be used in the evening, the thread won't be seen.

I hung the candles up to see if they resembled anything other than toilet rolls, and you know what, it actually works!  Once the lights are out, they look pretty cool!

So my advice to you guys is to never give up on your crafts.  Sometimes mine look their worse just before they are finished!

What do you think?  Did I pull it off OK?

How to make floating candles for halloween


  1. They look really effective. Good job you didn't bin them


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