What is Dough Nab - The children's game - all about

This game has the intensity of snap as soon as you can feel 'a pair' coming.  A game to test your reflex skills and nerve as you see a doughnut, match it and grab it.  I ended up shouting my cards out!

What is the Dough Nab Game?

Dough Nab is a great new game for families and friends of between 3 to 6 players.  The aim is simple, just grab a doughnut, but the execution of the aim is what will have you shouting your cards out, pushing your child or calling out your partner...

There are 3 doughnut rings which are your 'grabbers'.  These are NOT food, although they do look delicious.

There are 60 smaller cardboard doughnut-shaped cards which are dealt out between the players.  Each player has 10 cards dealt face down, hence up to 6 people can play the game.

The smaller cards will have pictures of the 3 doughnuts on, don't nab cards, nab cards and random half-eaten doughnuts to throw you off your game.

The aim of the game is to win the baker's hat.  Which you get when you clear all your cards.

Our thoughts on the new Dough Nab Game

The recommended age for this product is 8+ and I think this has been pitched right.  My son who is just turning eight did struggle slightly with the rules to start with, but once we had a few games under our 'baker's hat' it was very clear what we needed to do.

Max, aged nearly 8: "I liked this game a lot, I found it confusing to start with, but it's good fun and I really really like it".

I found my competitive side came out, more so with my partner than my son, and really wanted to grab the doughnut from right under him!

The game itself felt like a crazy version of snap, and I found myself shout out the 'NAB' card whenever I saw it!  Who does that!

We played quite a few games to allow everyone a chance to win, but my son's reflexes were slower than ours so I had to put my competitive side in check, at least one of his parents did otherwise the poor boy would never have won!

The Dough Nab game was released in September 2019 and is currently available to purchase from Debenhams   Retailing at £15.00 this will make a great game this Christmas for the whole family to get involved in.


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