What can you expect from a Japan Candy Box?

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Oh yes, I've been reviewing and eating, mainly eating, the latest Japan Candy Box - Halloween Party!.

Filled with 10 delicious snacks from Japan, I show you over on my YouTube channel what you could also receive in my latest giveaway thanks to the Japan Candy Box company.

As promised, below is a closer look at everything I was trying so hard not to eat in the unboxing!
Halloween Caramel Corn
My favourite - Koala's March Cookies - Halloween Edition
Marukawa Witch Mystery Gum / Skeleton Ramune Candy / Marukawa Witch Colour Change Gum
Lotte Toppo Halloween Cookie Sticks / Coris Mizuame DIY Flavour Change Candy
Halloween Umaibo Snack Stick / Monster Stamp Candy / Halloween Sweet Candy
What do you think?  Great haul eh!

Japan Candy Boxes are so much fun, especially when you're not quite sure what you're going to eat next, and what a great way to be introduced to another culture.


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