How to get your child's school uniform clean

Oh my days, I didn't know what hit me when my son started school!  I bought 3 white polo shirts and assumed...... I know..... I assumed those 3 white shirts would last the week and all could be washed on a Saturday.

How I laugh at myself now.

Now in year 2 and the mucky pup is still the same!

When my son went back in September the first 2 lunches were quite clearly pasta/red sauce based!  He came home with red stains on his front and pen on his back!   I'm still at a loss how that happened but he's a 7-year-old boy - I don't think I'm ever going to know that one.

We now have midweek soaks.  To keep my son's shirts white and to save my pennies in buying more tops, I now soak the shirts in the biggest saucepan I have, because let's face it, I'm never going to cook in something that large!

I leave them in for as long as possible, at leave 4 hours, also known as I've forgotten them.   In the machine, they go on a hot wash and all those stains are out within the hour.  I'm still rather impressed when I see my son at the end of the school day in a shirt that although now stained, is white and not that weird off-white/grey colour.

And now, just to add to the fun of washing.... my son has taken up football after school!  We get mud and grass stains in places that I can only assume are caused by rolling around for ten minutes on the field!  Thanks to my ACE colour I just grab the bag and empty straight into the machine.

Fortunately, he's still only young and relatively clean so I'm not yet at the stage of having to hold my breath when that bag opens!    Teenage years are going to be interesting!

I think he's always going to be a mucky pup!

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