What unique items to add in a goodie bag

What better way to get your business or hobby out to the masses than to add a little freebie inside a goodie bag!  Or even better, add a homemade item to a party bag to make yours unique.

That's what I ended up doing for a friend!

I had on my 'to craft' list to make keyrings.   It's something I attempted a little while ago (pre-sewing course days) and I didn't like the outcome.

Whilst it was obvious what they were, they didn't line up perfectly and the sewing wasn't right to the edge!  So this time, I followed all the instructions in the book and I do believe my key rings have turned out a lot better.

What did I do differently?

Well, I cut and ironed more carefully for a start.  Judging from my last set of key-rings I can only assume I didn't cut them all exactly the same length.  This time, I used my cutting board to ensure all fabric both front and back fabrics were identical.

I took my time sewing, and I'm better at it!  Since creating my last set of key-rings I've been on my sewing course, made a TARDIS dress and even got better at hand sewing, so yes, I'm proud of the edging on these keys.

I still have a lot to learn, the hardware was difficult to master and thanks to a friend of mine, I've been given tips on how to finish off these key-rings perfectly. 

So watch out over on Instagram as this was a Fat Quarter project, and I've just found these Fat Quarters in Hobbycraft................

I can not WAIT to give these a try!!

How I made Fandom Key-rings for goodie bags - by Rachaeljess.com

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