How to Teach Your Child Meditation

Meditation Guide for Children
Author: Lisa Roberts / ISBN: 9781454929185 / Price £14.99 /
Publisher: Sterling / Pub. Date: October 2018

About Teach Your Child Mediation

Do you want to help your child calm down, relieve stress and achieve greater mindfulness?  With an illustrated guide to teaching children mediation and breathing technique's Lisa Roberts Teach Your Child Mediation is the book for you.

Even children need to learn ways to calm and centre themselves.  With its hands-on exercises, Teach Your Child Mediation gives kids aged 5 - 12 important tools to relieve anxiety, cultivate mindfulness and gain confidence.  More than 70 illustrated exercises, which all have fun names like 'Funny Bunny Breath' and 'Elephant Shower', are organised to highlight their special benefits: choose from such categories as 'Hocus Pocus, I can Focus', 'The Chill Zone', 'Stress Busters' or a section with group exercises that teachers and parents alike can use.
Teach your child to mediate with Lisa Roberts

Whether the goal is for a child to sleep better, concentrate before a big test or game or enjoy some much-needed relaxation, this guide helps anyone who loves and plays with children to introduce them to the many benefits of mediation.

My thoughts on How to Teach Your Child Meditation

With over 70 ways to help children de-stress and chill out, you really are spoilt for choice as to what to try out and find what works for your child.

My son can have pent-up frustration and have trouble controlling this so will stand there, growl and go red with his fists clenched!  This is something that I clearly need to keep an eye on to make sure it doesn't develop into anything more serious, but thanks to Lisa Roberts we are practising breathing.  "The Big Round Tire Breath".

Teach your child to mediate with Lisa Roberts

Now, as he feels his rage building inside I say to him "hiss through your teeth" and he immediately starts inhaling big deep breaths and breathing back out through clenched teeth.  By the 3rd breath he's done, he's calm again!

I want to read through more of the de-stress and breathing section before progressing with the remainder of the book as this is the area that he needs to accustom himself with first.  Once we use breathing as a matter of course to calm down I'm very much looking forward to introducing him to other aspects of the book.  The five areas are:

  • I'm the boss of my Breath.  Techniques that use the breath as a tool to self-regulate and mediate. 
  • Hocus Pocus, I can Focus.  Activities to clear the mind and focus on the present moment and task at hand.
  • Stress Busters and Energy Equalizers.  Activities to develop kids' self-awareness and teach them how to recognise and manage states of excess energy, depleted energy, or stress within the body.
  • The Chill Zone.  Techniques to disconnect, chill out, and relax.
  • Connect.  Games to play with friends or classmates that deliver the benefits of breath control and mediation along with a whole lot of fun!

About the Author

Lisa Roberts is a registered yoga teacher and registered children's yoga teacher, and holds a certificate in children's yoga therapy.  She has worked in the pediatric wellness field since 2006 and currently runs the impatient yoga program at the St. Louis Children's Hospital.  Lisa offers professional training teaching Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga for pediatric professionals, parents and yoga teachers.  In addition to Teach Your Child Mediation, she has developed a line of teaching tools for pediatric yoga teachers, parents and kids.

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