Stunning personalised gifts from BrassBox

Who doesn't love a personalised gift?  I'm not sure what it is that gets us all excited when we see a mug with our name on it or a key ring just waiting to be added to our collection.  I'm the same.  As my name is spelt slightly different, I almost feel the urge to buy whatever tat is on the spinning rack in the post office!

But, with the internet at our fingertips, ordering personalised gifts has become so much more fun has it not?  Just look at this beautiful board I've received for my bestie, who got married in September!

About BrassBox - the bespoke giftware company

BrassBox is a brand new family-run giftware company based in Scotland.  The home of custom-made, bespoke gifts and homeware.  Each piece is personalised to make every item unique.

Using advanced Laser technology, completely unique items can be created quickly and accurately.  Choose from a large array of products available on their website which can also be customised with personalised messages.  On specific pieces, even personal artwork or photographs can be added!

My thoughts on BrassBox

As I mentioned above, I love personalised items, and I don't know many people who don't.  Especially my bestie, who even got personalised gifts for us bridesmaids at her wedding.

The board is made well and has a good weight to it.  I'm not sure if it will be used as either a chopping board or a cheeseboard but will more likely sit on display in the kitchen, it's too nice to put food on!

The cut of the wording from the laser is smooth, there are no sharp edges and has a very professional feel to it.  The surname stands out well, and the quote I feel goes very nicely with this gift.

My friend has actually seen this present on Instagram, and you can tell by her reaction in the comment section, that this is going to be a very well-received present.

As mentioned in my video, BrassBox is a very new company and their website is only just up and running, but if you want to see the products they have or speak directly with the company you can always contact them over on their Facebook or Instagram page.

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  1. It's lovely. I wouldn't want to spoil it by actually using it

  2. looks impressive.


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