Simplicity patterns for great Fandom Clothing

Following on my quest to improve my sewing skills, I have tackled my second TARDIS themed fashion piece.
How I made a TARDIS scarf thanks to Simplicity Fandom pattern range
Unlike the rest of the patterns from the Simplicity packet, my scarf needs two sections of fleece fabric rather than lining.  This made sewing a bit of a challenge in parts.

After making fleece coats for the rescue dogs at Arundawn, I'm used to sewing with fleece but with lining too.  When it came to adding the zigzag edging around the hood against two pieces of fleece, it chewed up the thread and knocked my tension out.... twice!

This was a test of my patience and love for actually finishing the thing!  I left it a couple of days.  I left the door open and all I see across the room is blue.  Lovely navy blue and I just stared at it with a little bit of hate if I'm honest.   I mean, how difficult should it be to add a stitch around the hood!

That was the last job too, once that was done I could wear it, so obviously, I persevered, went back in the room one evening and came out victorious.

The edging is nowhere near perfect, but as with all my sewing projects, I learnt.  Next time, I'm doing a straight edge!  I'm not adding zigzags to double-thick fleece material.

For those who fancy wearing something a little different, trying their hand at dressmaking or just want to have fun with Cosplay I highly recommend a sewing course and just playing with patterns.

I found this fabulous shop in London, Bags of Love, which give away their cut-offs.  If you're local to them you can pick them up for free if not, they will send their cut-offs to you at the cost of the delivery.

Also, charity shops are a great way to start with sewing.  All those fabrics.  Don't look at them as skirts and dresses - look at them as material and what you can make out of them.  A whole new world opens up.

I'm currently sewing more doggie coats for the rescue kennel dogs, so watch out on Instagram or Youtube to see if I give you a sneak preview of my next project.

Catch you later guys and never give up!


  1. You are so talented and a hooded scarf is such a clever idea too. I'm not showing this to my boys who are Dr Who mad, in case they ask for one, as I know I couldn't make this


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