What did we think of Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland

The biggest fairground with prices to match is what awaited us at Hyde Park's 2018 Winter Wonderland.

I'd heard lots of good things about Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland over the years.  Mainly second hand, but still promising to be a good day out.  So, for 2018 I made that our main Christmas Event.

Entry to the park was free, but if you wish to attend the Circus, Ice Kingdom, Ice Show or other attractions being held through the day, it was advised to book in advance, as these do cost and could sell out.

We left first thing in the morning as we were travelling up from the coast.  When we arrived, the park had only been open 20 minutes but the queue to see Santa was already an hour and a half wait.

This didn't work for us as I'd booked Ice Kingdom tickets for 11.30.  It would have worked had I read the map better and realised that Marble Arch was the nearest tube station, and not Bond Street, which was the first tube listed!

Knowing the Ice Kingdom was going to be freezing (well it is housing ice sculptures after all), we were wrapped up well.  After this, we went back to Santa but the queue was still one and a half hours wait plus Santa's lunch break time!

Instead, we went and had lunch in the Bavarian Village which I loved!  Very spacious, lots of places to sit and plenty of food and drink choices.

Our 2nd prepaid event was Peter Pan on Ice, and this was indeed spectacular, complete with flying Peter Pan, Tink and children.  My son has never seen a show on ice before and it took him a while to realise "They are standing on blocks of ice".  He loved it.  He sat on the edge of his seat and was totally there - in Neverland.

When we came out we went on a few overpriced games, average £5 a go, and almost impossible to win.  So much so, the attendants on Hook a Ring over the Bottle game were giving out bucket loads of rings, I mean around 30/40 rings per family to try and get one over a bottle!

The rides also cost, with the Munchen Looping roller-coaster costing £9 per person, regardless of age, child and adult both paid £9.

As the sunsets, the park comes alive with lights and music, and I truly believe this is a lovely magical place for children.  Parents, on the other hand, may need to take out a second mortgage.


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  1. Sounds lovely but I agree with you about it being pricy


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