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When my optician very casually mentioned that I had Presbyopia, a natural occurrence for someone over 40, I remember looking at her shocked.  Having no idea what she just said, I was thinking, am I really over 40?

What is Presbyopia

Presbyopia means your eyes are struggling to read the small print.  It's due to the lens inside your eye becoming less flexible with age that results in difficulty with focusing.
I have to admit, I knew this was happening before I went to the opticians.  When I asked my six-year-old son to read the back of my moisturising cream, I distinctly remember thinking "Yep, I'm turning into my mother"  She used to do that to me!

Fortunately, if you wear contact lenses like me, and you develop Presbyopia, it doesn't mean you have to switch to bifocal glasses.  The 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL Contact Lenses are now alternative to reading glasses!

The Fitting Experience

I visited the optician to have my eyes checked.   My first checkup took around 15 minutes and my eyes were checked and measured and my vision tested.

I asked the optician about the length of wear, as my current lenses can only be in for around six hours before my eyes are tired and they have to come out.  The great news about the 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST MULTIFOCAL is they stay more comfortable for longer.  This is brilliant news, as my day starts at 5am, and I'm really not ready to take out my contacts or put on my glasses by midday.

Using my trial lenses, it became apparent my vision was not quite right.  My distance was blurred and not focusing.  I'm short-sighted, so I'm used to this vision when I don't have my glasses or contacts on.

A second visit is a must as this is where the contacts will be fine-tuned.

I find the hardest part of an eye test is when the vision is almost right, and you can't really tell from the two options given which is sharper!  I tend to go into panic mode at this point and nothing is sharp!  My optician was very patient with me and made me feel so at ease, I really don't know why I get so worked up that close to the end of the test!

Once you have the correct prescription, speak with your optician regarding payment options, many offer direct debit schemes to meet different budgets.


* These lenses are very thin and took a little getting used to opening them up to place them on my eye.

* It took my eyes a little while to get used to the new style of contact,  for the first half an hour or so I was so conscious of my contacts and that I believe I was making them worse.  As soon as I got on with my day and forgot about them, they focused beautifully and I forgot I had my contacts in!

* I could see my needlepoint in the evening!   I just assumed my eyes were tired or the light wasn't bright enough.   I had given up a couple of times in the evening due to my vision, something that if I thought about too much was actually getting me down, as those who follow my blog, know this is a new passion of mine.

* Comfort.  I choose when to take them out, there is no discomfort with these at all.


If you want to know more about ACUVUE®, their work with presbyopia and their 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST Brand MULTIFOCAL Contact Lenses, then I would suggest visiting for more information.

I found 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST MULTIFOCAL Lenses suit my lifestyle, and are a great alternative to reading glasses.  If you've had your eyes tested but haven't been offered these contact lenses, then do ask or visit ACUVUE® website for your own free* trial of multifocal contact lenses.

I will be writing a follow-up post on my experience with these lenses and how I find them in my everyday life now I'm using them daily.

I'm just pleased I can read the instructions on my moisturiser now without moving it out to arm's length only to bring it back right up to my nose to read.   You know us over 40 have all done it!

* Professional consultation and fitting fees may apply and are not included. For T&Cs visit 18+ only. Only one trial per person.

I received 1-Day Acuvue Moist Brand Multifocal Contact Lenses to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.

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