Just how on earth does one ghost someone!

Having read an article in the newspaper recently about ghosting someone you're dating, I found myself wondering how on earth in this techie age does one manage that!

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash
It turns out ghosting was born out of the digital age!  It refers to the habit of breaking up with someone... without telling them!  And apparently, the celebs are at this too!  Eminem ghosted Mariah Carey (who knew!), Blake Lively ghosted Leonard DiCaprio and the wonderful Charlize Theron ghosted Sean Penn (fair enough).

How?  Do you wake up and think, you're not for me and then block them from all devices, social media and contact lists possible so they can't contact you?  Bloody hell that seems like a lot of effort, what happened to the 'good old days' of sending a crappy 'your dumped' text?

As I'm writing this I'm now thinking that these guys have got it easy!  I mean, after a few attempts at contact on Facebook you soon realise when someone has blocked you.   It's not like you get your best friend to tell them and then spend the next 6 months hiding behind a wall when you see them coming.... so a friend told me....

This got me thinking back to an era when we didn't have social media and texting at our fingertips, and how we then dealt with 'ghosting'.   I'd never done it.  I, like my friend above, got a friend to dump my boyfriends.  I make this sound like I had many boyfriends that I dumped but I had a few and I only got a friend to dump one!

Another one, that I really liked, I met on Saturday, we had a great day out, chilled out in his room in the afternoon and arranged to meet up the following evening.  The following evening he was nowhere to be seen.  Vanished, and that is as close to ghosting in the 80s/90s that I got.

The little shit was around obviously, he'd moved on to his next victim, but to be honest, it never would have worked.  The kid had green socks on, bright green and his trousers were too short - it would never have worked.

That's what I tell myself, and my friend.

Have you experiences ghosting, in either the digital or real world?  It's a pretty shitting thing to do, isn't it!


  1. You don't really need to block people to ghost them. You just don't respond if they contact you! I think Ghosting is only acceptable if you feel like maybe the other person won't take a break up or a "moving on" message well.

    1. Yes. That makes sense, especially for someone who won't accept a break up.

      I guess I was thinking of blocking someone as that's how I deal with trolls and idiots.


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