The Day I Made Hulk Into A Plant Pot

I had one of those moments, where I thought it would be a great idea to add Hulk's face on to a plant pot.  He wasn't the only one showing anger by the time I'd finished!!

Adding Hulk's Face to a plant pot was a challenge to say the least!

Last year I was flicking through the Big Ass Book of Crafts when I saw a this rather neat little project in there showing you how to turn planters into Halloween themed scary pots.   I loved this idea and thought I'd try this for Halloween, but first wanted to create a Marvel planter.

And in true Hulk style, this was an absolute beast to do!

The theory of making this was simple, and therein lies my problem!

The idea is to pour casting powder into a mask and leave to set.  Once set, glue the mask on to the plant pot and once dry, paint.
Casting Powder and a Mask is all you need to create a funky looking plant pot

That is eventually what happened here, but let me tell you what happened in between.

I mixed the powder as per instructions on the packet and poured this into the mask.   I had this resting on the edge of my table in a box, which bent under the weight and liquid dripped all over my carpeted floor.

Urgh!  I left this craft for a couple of months.

I tried again and this time ON THE FLOOR I left the mask to set.  Once set, I got the external glue and stuck the plastered mask on to a fabulous ceramic plant pot that I got for £2 from B&Q.  A total bargain and something I wouldn't have paid full price for.

I put that on the table, wedged it in place and taped on the mask and wandered off to the bathroom, and I heard the thing roll off the table and smash!

Really Hulk?  Really!
Creating a Hulk face to add to a plant pot

The mask was still intact (thankfully) but the pot had broken, so I bought a new plastic one and repeated the steps above with padding and weights all around the pot.

I left it then, totally fed up with the whole thing, for around eight months!

Last month I thought it would be good to get this bad boy finished and in the garden (and out of my house!).

Gradually over the month, I painted him and the plant pot green.  I added the black hair and white teeth and then my partner did the eyes and I can not draw or paint to that detail.

He then went out in the garden to dry as I covered him with sealant.

I was going to leave him out there and plant lavender in his head, so he had purple coming out the top to finish off his colour, but it's the wrong time of year for lavender apparently, so I've bought him back inside and he now lives in the conservatory homing three gorgeous indoor plants.

I'm still rather angry with him, but I think he looks rather cool.


  1. Well done for your perseverance with this project. The finished effect is great

    1. Thank you, I think I need to give him some thick black eyebrows


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