Transforming Your Garden To Suit Your Organic Sensibility

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When moving to a new house, the first thing that may excite you about the latest part of your adventure is the potential for putting your own stamp on the place.  You can renovate the property as you want, but you can also take advantage of things that you never had before.   The garden is one of those things that is highly sought after by many people, either because they used to live in a flat, or they just had a very underwhelming space at the back of their house.

When it comes to making the most of your garden space, it's all about turning it into a logical extension of your home.  And if you are someone who really likes the idea of upcycling, and being more organic with your garden space, this small area at the back of your house is the perfect opportunity to communicate these ideas.  What are the best ways in which to do this?

Becoming Self-sufficient With Your Food 

It is something that more and more people are doing now.  Using a garden space as a way to grow fruit and vegetables isn’t just common sense, but it's a perfect way to become more organic and to make the most of what nature has to offer.  A lot of people feel that planting your own vegetables is something that takes a lot of time.  This is not the case.  In fact, there are lots of reasons to become self-sufficient with your food, and firstly, it's not about the fact that the food can go off.  Far from it, because there are so many ways for you to store food nowadays, either through freezing or pickling them, you will make the most of every single item.  And let's face it, organic food tastes nicer, especially when it hasn't been sprayed with pesticides.  You may think this is a very time-consuming effort, but when it becomes a part of your lifestyle, it is effortless.

Some people find it quite a trial to maintain their garden but it's not as exhausting as you think.  And in fact, a lot of people find it therapeutic.  It's not about looking at the garden is a place that you have to put a lot of work into, but it's about making the garden work for you.

Adding The Best Plants 

When it comes to making the garden work for you, it can take a lot of effort at the very outset.  While you may have great plans with the space, you have got to make sure that it has a suitable foundation. Ensuring the soil is of good quality, and is not too alkaline or too acidic, but also getting detailed knowledge of how the sun impacts your garden means you can pick the best plants.

It's up to you, you can always get the professionals in, or you can use the garden as a learning experience.  It all depends on where you are in the world because if you have too much sun in the garden, this limits the number of plants that you put in there.  And what works in one place may not prove to be so beneficial in your garden.  Choosing the best plants isn't about adding swathes of colour, but it's about making the plants thrive in a certain environment.  You have to think about the direction which your house is facing, the weather conditions, as well as the soil, and have them all work together.

Using The Best Upcycled Implements 

Upcycling is such a great thing to employ in the garden, when you start to open your mind to the possibilities of what the garden can do, in terms of storage, plants, and designing a space that looks vibrant, but also environmentally-friendly, upcycling provides you with plenty of options.  We don't have to use so much packaging or buy new plant pots, and in fact, when it comes to a more organic and rustic approach to displaying our plants, we can use old vegetable racks, old plant pots, buckets, and even bottles to store fruits and vegetables that adds the upcycled aesthetic to the place. Y ou can then apply this to the furniture, especially if you don't want to purchase a set of tables and chairs, and wooden cable reels work just as well as being a table and chair set.

Turning It Into A Space That's For You And Your Loved Ones 

Once you start to pepper the space with implements that communicate a more rustic aesthetic, you can begin to think more about what else you want the space for.  For example, if you like the quirky design and setup that upcycled products utilise, but you still want to have a barbecue on occasion, you can easily build an outdoor pizza oven.  And that's the great thing with this rustic approach, anything goes!

But then if you are looking to make the space a bit more organic, but you want something a bit more presentable, you can very easily get the landscape design specialist in to fix a corner of the space. Perhaps by adding decking, or using layers to your space, these can be to your advantage, and turn the overall aesthetic into an upcycled paradise.  And that's a great thing with materials like rock and slate, by putting these in certain patterns, and having a statement piece in the middle, such as a water fountain, it’s a very simple way to communicate an organic approach to your garden space.

What Do You Want From The Space? 

Because the garden can be so many things for so many people, if you’ve got family, you may want it to be a bit more towards a space that your children can play in, or for those people that love eating outdoors, it can become a barbecue garden type of setup.  But whatever you want from the space, when it comes to making it a bit more rustic insensibility, less is more.

These are all merely suggestions, but if you want to turn the space into something a bit magical, using upcycled products are one aspect.  But you also have to think about what communicates the feeling, not just of the garden, and not just of the home, but of you?  Lighting is a very simple way to make a summer's evening a bit more magical.  You can use tea lights, Christmas lights, or just add a few candles.

The great thing about the garden is that it's a blank canvas, and when you begin to think about the best ways to make it a space that's more you, it can seem like the garden has so many ideas thrown at it, that it all loses sense of purpose.  But when it comes to a more organic or rustic approach, less can be more.  So even if you want to use it as a space to grow fruit and vegetables, or turn it into a barbecue haven, when it comes to communicating this type of natural sensibility, treat it simply.

When we move into a new home, the garden can be the first thing we turn our attention to, but if you want it to be a space that communicates exactly what you want from the home, it's about blending it in seamlessly with your ideas.  If you have a more organic sensibility, you can go for growing your own fruits and vegetables, but you've also got to think about what works well for space itself.

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