What is a good meditation book for beginners

Mick Timpson's Making Happy Work takes the reader on a meditation journey of eight parts which, stage-by-stage, build up into a simple, easy-to-use, powerful practice that can be incorporated into daily activities.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been reading Making Happy Work by Mick Timpson.

The book is split into two sections, and I've just completed Part One which is looking at the art and science of modern meditation.

Section Two is the application, and I'm really excited to be starting this section this week.  I already know where I'm going to complete this each day, I even have some candles and a cushion for my back.  Items which are suggested in the book.

Meditation has been an art that I have wanted to get into for a long time, but just can't quite get the hang of it, so with Mick Timpson's help, I'm really looking forward to adding this step to my Miracle Morning.

About the Book Making Happy Work

The key to making happy work is not what you do in life that matters, but how you live through your life.

The main thought here is that we have all become disconnected from who we are and what we are for.  We are all living in an increasingly chaotic world, where we struggle to survive, let alone thrive.  We are all doing at the expense of being. However, if we can find time to just stop, notice and learn to be, we can reconnect. We can link our being with our doing. We can learn to be different and do differently.

In Making Happy Work, there are no raisins to chew, no breathing techniques to master, or mantras to remember. This is authentic, timeless wisdom of being shaped for the modern world of doing.

About the Author Mick Timpson

Mick has designed the beando programmes and leads many of the courses. An award-winning architect, artist and yoga teacher, Mick is also the founder of The YogaLife Project, a popular social enterprise based in Chorlton that teaches yoga, meditation and delivers teacher training to future yoga teachers.

Competition Time

If you are interested in the book Making Happy Work, it can be purchased from Amazon at the current price of £9.99, but you can also enter my giveaway below and see if you are lucky enough to win yourself a copy of this fabulous new book, and go through the meditation journey with me.

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  1. The fact that you can do it in a chair appeals to me. I always find my mind wandering in yoga, because I'm uncomfortable trying to sit cross-legged on the floor. I will mention this book to my other half, as he uses a daily mindfulness video

  2. I'd like to read it as it seems like it is making meditation modern and accessible

  3. I've heard good things about meditation and would like to try it but don't know where to start.

  4. all of it very interesting

  5. I would love a new way to be able to relax and be happy

  6. it sounds great for someone who has never meditated

  7. I like practising mindfulness at work & this would help!

  8. We can link our being with our doing. We can learn to be different and do differently.I have heard that mediation works wonders and both i and my adult kids could benefit form it hugely.

  9. I like the idea of a new take on meditiation

  10. This all sounds very interesting and different

  11. this would help reduce my stress levels I reckon! xx


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