In the City. Get Ready to Explore! Children's Book

In the City is a vibrant colourful children's book which shows a magical journey through a day in the life of a city.
Author: Dominika Lipniewska / ISBN: 9781787080300 / Price: £12.99 / Publisher: Button Books

About In The City

Illustrator Dominika Lipniewska takes us on a magical journey through a day in the life of a modern bustling city.  With a bold and distinctive graphical style and lots of detail for children to explore, In the City covers every aspect of the features, one is likely to find in cities throughout the world – from buildings of every shape and size, the many different modes of transport, bustling market places, parks and zoos and all the different people one is likely to find in the city.

Visually engaging and overflowing with activity there is plenty here to engage a classroom full of toddlers or enjoy as just a parent reading to their child at bedtime.

Our thoughts on In The City

The book is aimed at ages 2 - 5 years, and as such is a very colourful book, with lots happening on each page.  Detailed drawings which give young children an opportunity to study in detail all the wonders of the city and ask questions, and point out what they know.

With so much going on, the small amount of text is just right.  A great balance of pictures to text for pre-school years.

About the Illustrator: Dominika Lipniewska

Dominika Lipniewska is a Polish illustrator and designer with a passion for books and character design.  She graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Cambridge School of Art.  She lives and works in London (Enfield), which she considers an endless source of inspiration.

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  1. Looks a lovely book for little ones. I especially like the illustrations


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