How to ensure you really are getting a bargain on Amazon

I, like many I'm sure, love a bargain, and there are many that can be had on Amazon.  From reduced prices, glitches and special 'Prime Days'.

BUT and that is one big but, if you are planning to grab yourself a bargain via a Prime day - make sure it is just that, A BARGAIN!

Many times I've logged into my account and seen a price change from my wish list and got excited over the 58% price drop.  That is massive, that is enough for me to justify my purchase for sure..... and here's the but ... am I really getting a bargain?

I've taken the Pet Qwerky Babble ball as an example, I know what you're thinking but I have the RSPCA wish list on my friends list so I can purchase said products when they drop in price.

This ball is 58% off.  Originally at £16.38 down to £6.80.  Almost £10 off would you buy it?

I'm not convinced £16.38 should be the recommended retail price, to be honest, and the reason I think this is because of the fabulous CamelCamelCamel site!  If I plug in the URL for the Babble ball it will show me the cost trend for this ball.

What does this trend tell you?

Don't be put off that it's a graph, or figures - it's a tool that will save your sanity!

What I see first off is where is the £16.38??  I can't see it ever being sold for that value on Amazon, and after a quick google shopping search, nothing is coming up at that price either!

So not 58% off (£9.58 saving!)

It would appear that £6.52 is not a flash sale price, it happened back in January right through to March with an increase (and possible drop in sales) to £13 for 3 months before dropping back down in June to £6.52.

So my question now is, is this really a bargain or is £6.52 about the right price to be paying for this ball? Looks like you can get them new from eBay for £8.50 with free post & packaging so yes, possibly a bargain at 20% off eBay prices, but certainly not 58% off and that, is where I believe we need to be careful.

Get a bargain for sure, but make sure you know the prices and check with CamelCamelCamel website and not just rely on Amazon stating the RRP savings!

Happy shopping

I'm off to fill up my wishlist...................


  1. My husband loves CamelCamelCamel! He has all sorts of alerts set up on things and he's saved us loads of money over the years! The word definitely needs to be spread!

    1. I've just started to get addicted to the Pantry side of Amazon now!

  2. I hadn't heard of CamelCamelCamel. I must set myself up with an account as I probably buy more from Amazon than anywhere else online

    1. You can link your wishlist from Amazon on to Camelcamelcamel website then set an ideal price to them. You get alerts when the price drops to your ideal price!

    2. Thanks for the tip. I haven't got round to taking a look yet


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