Living Alone For The First Time? Here's How You Can Stand On Your Own Two Feet

Independence is one of the most valuable skills to learn as we reach adulthood; being able to stand on your own two feet without relying on others is so important.

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It’s not to say you won’t ever need a shoulder to cry on or advice from a loved one every now and again, but for the most part, it means you can get by financially, emotionally and practically by yourself.

Not only is this great for your mental health as you feel strong and capable, but it helps you to have healthier relationships with others too. When there’s no form of dependence there, you have people in your life because you want them there, not because you feel like you have to where you need them. Maybe you’re going off to college, or have just purchased your very own home, these are real steps towards independence.  But there’s more you can do to, here are some ideas.

Learn to drive 

Learning to drive gives you such independence. Public transport is time consuming and can be unreliable. When you have a car, you can jump into the driver's seat and go wherever you want, whenever you want. You don’t have to ask anyone for lifts, and if you want to do something then you can go ahead and do it.

Learning to drive can be expensive but it’s so worth the investment in yourself. You can find used cars from companies like Ron Skinner & sons so it doesn’t have to be as pricey as you’d think once you’ve passed your test.  Learning how to maintain your car, such as top up the fluids, change the oil and change a flat tyre are also worth knowing.

Get your money in order 

Speaking of money, this is something to get in order if you want to be truly independent. You need to be able to afford all of your outgoings by yourself, and have your money well managed.  Use budgeting apps and software to keep all of your finances in order, and keep tabs on what you spend.

If you feel as though you’re not earning enough, consider getting some additional qualifications and gaining a promotion or changing career.  Learn about different savings accounts such as ISAs and investing so you know the best places to put your money.

Be careful in relationships 

Falling in love is one of the greatest things in life, and in relationships it’s all about the two of you joining forces and becoming essentially a single unit.  However, it shouldn’t mean completely losing yourself, and maintaining who you are as a person is important.  Where possible, keep your money separate so you remain in control of your finances, keep your friends and hobbies and don’t give these up so that you lose part of yourself.

You can still be a fantastic and attentive partner while keeping ‘you’ and remaining independent.  That way, if things don’t work out you can walk away and wish the other person well.  Far too many people find themselves in a place of dependency on someone else, meaning they stay for too long when things should be over.

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