3 Ways To Make Your Garden More Relaxing

Your garden should be a sanctuary, a little place where you can go and relax and forget all about the troubles of the rest of the world.
Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash
You may want somewhere you can sit and read a book, or you may be happy to watch nature and contemplate everything. Whatever your needs, there are ways you can improve your garden to make it the most relaxing that it can be.

Build A Pond 

Having a fishpond in your garden gives it a serene sense of calm.  Sometimes it’s nice to sit and watch your fish dipping in and out of view as they swim around.  Ponds are great for attracting other types of wildlife to your garden too, such as frogs.

To make your pond, you will need a plank of wood, a spirit level, pond liners, a shovel, some rocks, builders sand, water, and a big enough space in your garden.

Start by marking out the area that will form the pond, then dig!  Use the plank of wood and the spirit level to make sure that the sides of the pond are even.  Remember to create a mixture of deep and shallow parts. 

Pick out any stones from the bottom, then lay some sand into the hole.  Put your pond liner across the hole, and hold it down at the edges with some stones. Tip a little bit more sand in the bottom of the pond.

Fill your pond up with water.  You can use rainwater if you have the means of collecting enough. After two weeks, you can start to add plants to your pond.

Attract Birds Into Your Garden 

Birds can be so interesting to sit and watch, and creating little areas in your garden to attract birds can be good for you, and them. 

If you have any branches, why not use a hanging bird feeder filled with seed?  You could make a small platform across some bigger branches too, and if you fill it with seed you have an instant feeding table.

Why not get a lovely birdhouse that you can have as a big centerpiece to your garden.

By using a few different types of feed in separate containers, you can attract several species at once. See how many you can spot.

Buy A Hot-tub 

There are many supermarkets and garden centers that now sell very reasonably priced hot-tubs. You could enjoy spending hours in your tub, with a lovely glass of wine and a book, without a care in the world.

There are a few things to consider before taking the plunge and buying your tub. Firstly, work out where you are going to put and make sure it will fit. You will want to decide how many people are likely to use the hot tub at any one time. Compare the amount of jets that it has, and the type of filtration system that it uses.

Many come with lights and music systems built-in, so if really want to impress your friends when they come over, look into getting one with extra features.

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