Show your child's personality with the new Trunki Customiser

The award-winning children's suitcase - Trunki, have turned the design colours over to the children, and what a great idea to show their individuality.

Create your own Trunki colours with the new Customiser

I have followed the progress of Trunki ever since the concept of this suitcase appeared on Dragon's Den and having all five dragons tell Rob Law, the inventory, they were out!

I remember being shocked at the time, thinking that this little suitcase was an amazing invention, and I'm not alone obviously, as 13 years on the Trunki is going from strength to strength in winning awards, being a popular favourite for children and parents, and even coming out with themed suitcases such as the Gruffalo (one of my favourites).

Trunki is a team of big kids dedicated to Imagineering cool stuff to make family travel fun and pain-free!  So when asked if my little one would like to design his own Trunki, I knew at once this would shout out to his creative side.  What a brilliant idea!
Designing your own coloured Trunki with the Trunki Customiser

The website's customiser is very easy to use, and my seven year old navigated the paint pallet perfectly. The best bit is if your child is unsure what the Hub Caps are when they get to step seven, all they need to do is select the wording and the Hub Caps will highlight on the Trunki picture.  Also, as you change the colour the screen changes with you so you know exactly what your Trunki looks like.

You can even select different colours for the inside of the Trunki

There are over 1 billion possible combinations, and whilst this is great and some will use lots of combinations, I bet there are also little ones out there like mine, who wanted a completely Orange Trunki.

The customiser can be found on the Trunki website, and once completed the final design will cost £44.99, and the joy and journies the Trunki will bring, is worth its money in my opinion.


  1. What a fab product! We love Trunki! Miss T still uses hers even though she's getting on the tall side of things for it!

    1. Max is over the moon with his. Just the perfect size for them to take their own bits away with them, obviously not clothes - no room for that. haha.


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